Easter bracelet Sweetness

Hello TOARG readers! My name is Angie and I blog over at Echoes of Laughter, where I love sharing ideas for crafting, decorating, organizing and  yummy things from the kitchen! I am so excited to be here today to share this super easy, but FUN Easter craft!

My daughter LOVED crafting when she was younger, and making things with beads was one of her very favorite things. This beading project is an adorable craft to make with little ones for Easter. All of the supplies can easily be found at the dollar store. Although I couldn’t find any Easter-type beads in particular, I did improvise a little to put together some little chickadee beads for this project.


Assorted coloured beads

Elastic cording

Yellow Beads

Chickadee cutouts


1. Glue the chickadee cutouts to yellow beads{as shown}to make chickadee beads.

2. Thread beads on elastic cording as desired. I used a pattern of three coloured beads and a chickadee bead. Repeat.

3. When the beading has reached the desired length, tie a knot in the cording to finish the bracelet.

These little bracelets would make a such sweet gift for friends or family for Easter.

I want to thank Kim so much for inviting me to share a craft with you!   I had a blast being here and I want to wish you all a wonderful Easter!


  1. Very cute little yellow beads. My girls like beading. It makes me nuts when they leave them all over though. I enjoy creative crafting with them also. I would for sure hunt for these adorable little beads. That is really sweet.
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  2. What a great idea! Those chickadee cutouts are the cutest thing ever.
    Thank you for the fun Easter craft idea!

    Robin O

  3. cute 🙂 and colourful bracelet
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  4. very cute i love this easter craft idea my kids would love it!

  5. This is so cute. Something my grandchildren and I could have some fun making.

  6. I love this Easter craft idea! My kids would love to design their own bracelets then wear tehm all year-round!


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