Is Mommy Brain giving you Static?

As a kid my mom always used dryer sheets with our laundry. So when I became mom, I used them too. Habit, routine, you know . After a few years, as one kid turned to two and two to three, I would sometimes forget to add the sheet to my laundry. I had way too many things to remember and this was just one more. So after a few loads I stopped buying them.

Until my son started complaining his dads work socks were sticking to the inside of his pants. One time a pair of panties even was inside the pant leg from static. Thank goodness we discovered this at home, or it could have been embarrassing.

static cling


So I started using them again. Often I would use the same sheet over and over again. Especially if I would forget to buy more. A couple of times the dryer sheets even ended up in the families clothes.  *Sigh* a mom can really only do so much, right?!?

Then I went through the stage of using my dryer sheets for other stuff. Gym bags, drawers, closets and other places that could use a fresh smell. This worked nice. Plus it was kind of like a “stash” when I ran out of my sheets lol

Last Fall I was introduced to the Bounce dryer bar. I bet you it was a mom who invented this. A mom like me, with so much to remember.  As a P&G Mom I was given one to try out. Stick it in the dryer, walk away and let it do its job. For 3 months.

There is a piece you stick to the inside of the dryer and the bar inserts into it. You can replace as often as you need. I did not get the full 3 months out of it. I have a family of 6 and do 3 loads of laundry a day. I did get 2 months out of it. When my bar was done, the white part was gone and a raised orange area saying REPLACE was shown. I picked up another bar at Shoppers Drug Mart and have been using it since. So 2 bars since October. (This one is ready to be replaced) I did the math and it was cheaper to buy the bar than the sheets. So that was a bonus.


The bar works just as good as the sheets. No static and it removed lint and dog hair from our clothes with ease.

Best of all, I have nothing to remember. Or should I say, nothing to forget.

I am a customer for life or until they have a way to zap our clothes dry.


Disclosure- I am a P&G Mom. I receive products as part of the program. All opinions are my own and a post was not required. 


  1. so here's my question, can you get that bar holder back off of our dryer? and if there isn't a bar in it will your clothes get snagged on it? I've been holding off on trying it for those reasons. Hubby doesn't want it attached to the dryer forever, especially if we go back to using sheets.
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  2. "One time a pair of panties even was inside the pant leg from static. Thank goodness we discovered this at home, or it could have been embarrassing." Embarrassing, but very funny at the same time.

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