My Sweet Talker

Last night we were all sitting in the living room watching a movie when our youngest came up to me. She gave me a big hug and kiss and told me she loves me. I told her I love her and then we had a bit of a back and forth. Usually I tell her I love her more,  because I have known her 9 months longer. As she has gotten older she is quicker and smarter with her responses.

This is how the conversation went.


Mom, I love you so much!”


I love you so much!”


I love you more than the entire city” She is 4 so this is HUGE

Me, “I love you more than the province :)”

Her, Hmm

I love you more than the country

Me (feeling quite proud she knows size) , “Wow! That is a lot. See all those stars outside. See how big the sky is? I love you more than that”

Her. I can seeing her thinking….

I love you more than daddy!”
LOL Well. I was very flattered and her dad was a bit heart broken. But it was super cute and very innocent. She quickly jumped on her dad and gave him a kiss and said “I still love you!”


I love having these moments with my kids. Having an 18 year old I know all too well how quickly they grow up.

Have your kids said anything lately to sweet talk you or make you smile?

Holding Hands


  1. Awww What a sweetie! We are still at the "Dadadada and blahblah bah" stage but she displays all the time she knows what we are saying to her. My favourite right now is asking for a hug and kiss and having her lean in for a kiss and then put her little head down on my shoulder for a hug. <3
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  2. Adorable! My boys (almost 3) have just started telling me they love me and quite honestly my heart melts every time. Love this story.
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  3. Such a sweet post! I love those moments!
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