Printing off Memories

It has almost been a week since we got our new printer. I enjoyed printing off flash cards for my daughter to practice her speech sounds. As soon as my older kids saw the print quality they started going through their phones and my lap top. They have been busy printing off memories we have had stored up on various devices.

One of the pictures they have been printing off is one taken on a roller coaster at Walt Disney World. My boys both have their arms up and are screaming. It is a great picture and we regretted not getting more copies. The photo quality of the prints is amazing. I am so happy to finally be able to share our memories and not have them stored where nobody can see them.

The compatible Hp Printer Ink for my printer allows for a clear and colorful print. Add to photo smart paper and you have photograph quality.  When printing out photos that you are going to frame or put on display it is very important to use a high quality ink.   Why?   One reason you should choose a high quality ink is that it won’t run turning your photos into a mess.   Another reason you should choose a high quality ink for your precious memories is to keep them from fading over time loosing all the details of the photo.    When I print out my memories….I want to make sure they are of the best quality so that when on display everyone can share in these great moments in time.

Luckily these ink cartridges will last for a bit. That is unless my kids copy everything in the house. I have discovered when it comes time to replace, doing so is easy. As well it is much less costly than I expected. For some reason I was still thinking old prices of replacing. Now it is actually affordable and when you compare to printing costs and photo development costs elsewhere, you are saving big.



What do you have that you would want to print and make copies of?

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