Resurrecting an Old Brew and giving it a New View

china mist teaIf you love to dine out and you are always on the look out for fun little twists and spins on menu items or things to order that aren’t very commonplace, you may have come across signature iced teas on a menu. As Americans are becoming more aware of the rising obesity problem, sodas are being nixed for alternative beverages, and iced tea seems to be the beverage of choice. Long gone are the days when Southern belles would sit on their porches fanning themselves with a glass of iced tea, while waiting for gentleman callers and exclaiming “why I do declare”. Iced tea comes in hundreds of flavors. This one time old classic has become the hip new beverage of yoga junkies and beach bunnies everywhere.

Healthy and affordable 
The health benefits of tea are expansive. Web M.D. published an article that examines some of the properties in tea leaves and goes over the health rewards they offer. For example, the author states that some teas may help with preventing or improving cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It also encourages weight loss, lowers cholesterol and it heightens mental awareness. It also appears to have antimicrobial qualities.

On the menu
When dining out you may have noticed that restaurants are adding tea and other alternative choices to sodas on their menu. Even a fast food icon like Sonic has a raspberry iced tea and a few others for those who want to grab a drink on the go, but who don’t partake in soda. And as tasteless as their food is, Olive Garden even offers a signature iced tea.

Are you in the biz?
If you own a restaurant/café, or if you are thinking of starting one up, you should consider taking a growing trend like iced tea that is backed by solid statistics as being a proven item to bring in paying customers, and offer it on your menu. In fact, there are even professionals like the China Mist Tea Distributors who can come to your place of business and offer you a tea evaluation. In other words, after solid market research and trend tracking, tea professionals can come examine your menu items, and help you develop your own house teas that will brew you heaps of new business.

Remember, a glass of iced tea will be the first impression customers will have of your business. If you don’t want to give the impression you are cheap and trying to cut corners, then do not offer a cheap iced tea. Today’s diners are true “foodies” and you can’t fool them. However, by offering a quality tea menu, you will create a high-end feel with a menu that attests to careful thought.  Iced green teas infused with fruit will help you boost sales, and will delight your customers. Iced herbal teas with a flower garnish will also keep them coming back for more.

Tea speaks
In ancient China not only was tea used to promote good health, it was a symbol of wisdom. By calling in a tea guru you can create your own signature tea beverages and offer your customers a healthy alternative to the brown bubbly stuff that makes people dumb and slow.

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