Show off your Business & Personality with Decals

Many many years ago I was the Avon lady. I would go to my neighbours and friends and sell Avon. I still remember the husbands answering the door and saying “Ha ha the Avon lady is here” I guess they thought there was something funny about that. I was not worried , I was doing well with it and loving every minute of it. I actually was honored a few times and would attend many conferences and exclusive meetings. Only problem I had was I loved to buy it as well. I was probably my best customer. A few ladies who were doing really great selling had their car done up with their hone number and info. They  had their email and any other contact along with a pic and the logo. Some had stickers, some had magnets. These ladies and one man did very well. They supported their family and they went on many vacations. I asked them their secret and they said it was the advertising on their car.

Everywhere they went their car was a moving billboard. They would park it at the mall and people walking by would see their company name and their number. When they were at a red light people always looked over. Some of the decals would be small , some would be big. They all said they had fantastic results. Avon people were not the only people that I have heard this from. Just think for yourself and think about the last time you saw advertising on someones car. What stood out? Did you notice it?

Advertising works


If you have a business you want to show off you should check out Signazon There are many decals and other signage available. Not just for cars, but also store windows and mirrors. You can order online and there is free shipping right now for orders over $75

Any business can get success from extra exposure, big or small. Get creative, brand your business and stand out. Signs and decals are the way to go. I have seen this first hand.


  1. Lee Pearson says

    This is a great way to advertise your business. Like you said "a moving billboard". I think advertisement is important because if people do not know about your business, how can you earn money.I think the more creative you are in advertising the more you will get noticed and generate income and a customer base. By the way, I love Avon products!

  2. Elva Roberts says

    March 7-I can see why sales people who have decals on their car are successful. I would read a phonebook if bored enough, so I always read the advertising on vehicles when I am at a Stop sign or if they pass me. Kudos for being an Avon Lady. I loved my Avon lady and their products. I almost always bought from them. I miss my Avon Lady!

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