Time to change your batteries Energizer

March has just begun and that means one big thing in our house. Time to change the batteries. Not in the smoke detector (we did that last month) but in the toys and electronics the kids received as gifts for Christmas. They have been using them all pretty steady and all of the batteries are now dead.

Usually this would cost me a fortune to replace. But not this year. This year we used rechargeable batteries from Energizer®. Energizer® recharge Power Plus® batteries last up to 4X longer and come pre-charged. They also hold their charge for one year if they are just sitting in the drawer. I was really excited to try out these batteries. Like I mentioned above, we go through a lot of batteries and it can really add up cost wise. The Energizer® Bunny is a well recognized character in our house and my kids were thrilled to help me test out the batteries.

energizer battery

I must admit, in the past I have bought cheap no name batteries. I usually end up regretting it because they never last more than a week. I have discovered the hard way to spend a bit more initially and get longer life out of my batteries. With the Energizer® recharge Power Plus® not only do we get a long lasting battery life but we can also charge them hundreds of times.

According to the www.energizer.ca:

▪ Engineered to give extended power to you power hungry devices. Plus, rechargeable batteries can replace hundreds of standard alkaline batteries. Ideal for digital cameras, photo flash, GPS equipment, portable audio players, battery-operated toys.

▪ #1 selling rechargeable battery brand in the world

Energizer® recharge Power Plus® are available in SKUS: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V

These batteries paired with the Energizer® Smart Charger have allowed us to drastically cut down on our battery purchases. This charger is so handy and so smart, it tells me everything I need to know about my batteries. The easy to read countdown timer lets me know how much time is left in the charge time. As well I can see how far batteries are in their charge process. It will charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. Batteries are charged at a safe and steady rate improving long term performance. The charger itself is not huge and the prongs on the back can be slipped inside so there is no damage when storing

charger eb

Now we are replacing the batteries in the Xbox controllers and the remote for the kids’ RC cars. It is great to know that the kids can get maximum life out of their toys and have the power to the fullest without jeopardizing quality.

I look forward to seeing how long these batteries last. I know my kids will have no problem putting them to the test.

What do you use batteries on most in your house?


  1. I am a firm believer in not over spending. Some people thinks that means buying the cheapest thing always. But that's not the case. I will pay more if I see the value, and I firmly believe in getting good batteries! We always buy energizer too.
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  2. We actually use energiser rechargeable batteries at work although i think we have an older style charger. They work really well and last ages!
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  3. It has been ages since I have use rechargable batteries. Now a days it just seems to make sense to use them. I hear you about the Play Station remotes! And the MP3 players…. may look into these next time I am out shopping.
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  4. we use rechargeables for the RC cars too, they only last a couple of hours so it's better to be able to just charge them back up again
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  5. I think all we have in the house are rechargeables (except for those random few that came in the product packaging.) 😉 Our batteries are used mostly for the 500 TV remotes we need for one TV, and the Wii remotes. 🙂
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  6. I go for energizer or duracell, the rechargeable ones. I know that they save money in the long run, even if the initial cost hurts a bit!

  7. Cuddlesome Bear says

    I only use energizer or durcell. If I have the time to remember to recharge I definitely go for the energizer. They seem to have the longest lasting rechargeable batteries. But If I go for quality and how long they last in a standard batter I go for energizer lithium. They almost last forever! seriously. Thanks for the review and your opinion. I appreciate it.

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