ToughHound – All Sports Dog Collar

If your dog is a runner like mine you may want to check out the dog bark collar store for a collar like the one below.



If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweet out

Ugh my dog has ran off again!

Or maybe something like

It just cost me $60 to pick my dog up at the pound

We have three dogs who love to be outside. Two are runners and one does not leave my side. The oldest is a Husky and it is just in her blood and her nature to run. We can not let her off of her leash as she can not see well and no longer hears me call her. So she needs to be fenced or leashed at all times. The other runner is our youngest dog. He is just over 1 year old. I think it is a game to him. As soon as he realizes he is free, he bolts off. His sense of direction is really bad and he seldom makes it home. I have had the OPP bring him home and also neighbours post at the local store they found him. We live in the country so most people will not call the pound as it is over an hour away. I have learnt the hard way how to find my dog when he runs off. The mail carriers have been helpful so have the municipality workers. As they are out and about and see all.

I am not interested in spending my days chasing after my dog. I am not wanting to find him hurt or break the news to my daughter that he is not coming home.  I also am not interested in being a pain in the butt neighbour losing her dog all the time. So I was very happy when I got contacted to do a review of the ToughHound All sports dog collar. The collar arrived a few weeks back. I must admit I was impressed.

The quality of the collar is quite nice It is thick and strong and the Durable polycoated collar is very bright and appealing  It is a very attractive collar. The collar is not the important part though. The personalized nameplate is what I like best. I was able to choose what I wanted it to say. I chose my dogs name, my town and our phone number.  All engraved on  stainless steal hardware. For $29.95 this collar really is very nice.

Now I know if he runs off people just need to read his collar and they will know where to call as well as his name. The hardware is built into the collar so there is no worry of it getting caught on anything and popping off either.

The ToughHound All Sports is a heavy-duty personalized dog collar. The collar features a polycoated nylon webbing band with an integrated stainless steel nameplate. Customize the collar with up to four lines, laser-etched on the nameplate. The collar is available in eight colors.

I must admit our Earl has not ran off since he got his new collar. However I know the first thing I do when I find a dog is look for a tag. So I am hoping once spring hits and he gets a wiff of something. If he runs off he will quickly be returned.

tag upclose

Above you can see the clear bold writing engraved into the tag. I have blacked out my phone number for obvious reasons 🙂 Below is my handsome earl wearing his bright blue collar.

Earl collar



  1. Lee Pearson says

    Earl!!! Such a cute name for a gorgeous dog! These collars are fantastic for dogs. I was always afraid that Chinook, my dog, would run off and so I added an engraved tag to his collar. These are better because they lay flat. Thank you for the link and the picture of Earl!

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