Travel Anxiety and Mom Guilt

So I am sitting here thinking about all the things I still need to do. My to do list for my trip tomorrow is shrinking. Only problem is, I want to wake up my four year old and give her extra cuddles. You see I made the mistake of telling her the other day I was leaving for a trip. Normally I would wait until the last minute but this time she saw me packing.

She asked me if we were going to Disney World again. I assume because she loved it so much and it is the only time she has been on a plane. I told her I was going alone and I was going to Texas. Instantly the pout lip came out. This was three days ago. If you have a four year old, you know they have no concept of time. So she has been asking me “when?” every day since. I know she will be fine without me. She has her dad and her brothers here. I just have a tad of mom guilt right now.

Not sure why I feel guilt. After ll this is a work trip not a vacation (even though dinner out and maid service will be great)

I do not go away without my children anywhere, EVER. I can count on one hand how many times I have spent the night somewhere without them in 18 years of motherhood. When you are in the habit of going everywhere with your kids and you do not have them for a day or so, it is weird. For me, I feel like I am missing something. I feel like I have forgotten something. Kind of like the ‘Did I leave the stove on??’ feeling.

Then there is the ‘having the bed to myself’ issue. You may think this is heaven and comfort. However, for me it is restless nights and pure strangeness. With three dogs, four kids (3 at home) I have not had a bed to myself in ages. Usually somebody wakes me for some reason as well. Maybe if I am lucky I can try to sleep in until 7AM.

I know my trip is going to be great. I will call each evening to check in and give my bed time smooches over the phone. I just know I am going to miss my kids.

4 days is a long time in a moms life.

Home sickness is going to be for certain.

Until tomorrow when I leave, I am going to get extra kisses and hugs.

Add on the thoughts of packing, customs and hotel check in and you get an idea of my feelings. All I can say is thank goodness the airline has wine 🙂

Safe travels to me and all heading to Texas tomorrow and late this week.

Oh and did I mention, we are under a storm watch here. Ugh!

How do you handle being away from your family?


  1. (Hugs) have a blast in Texas! I know the few times I’ve travelled without the kids was killer too. Mostly when something awesome happened when I’d get the “I want to tell them but they aren’t here” feeling and at night like you having the hubby, kids and dogs in bed for years on end is weird especially when it’s not your bed!

    I got very homesick my first conferences but I kept telling myself I would be home soon, they are fine and I don’t do this often etc. didnt help but hey time will fly because you will have a blast!! I think until the kids are all grown up and moved out, travel without them will always be weird!

  2. Hope you have a great trip to Texas. I find it hard to be away from my kids too. I don't know if it is harder on me or my kids. lol

  3. multitestingmommy says

    Have a wonderful time, I know you will! How do I handle it? LOL I just don't leave 😉 I envy you though, I really do!
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  4. I am the same way about being away. It is part of my bedtime routine to check in on everybody, I sleep better knowing we are together and safe. BUT you must go and have a wonderful time!
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  5. Victoria Ess says

    Changes in routine are hard for any one, but especially moms whose routines always involve other people. Who know, it might pass quicker than you think. Have a great trip and safe travels!

  6. jodymacarthur says

    I am facing the same, my husband and I are going away for a week without the kids. I am starting to worry… I know they will be fine and we will have a great time… I just feel guilty! But wine will help ease the guilt, I hope…
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