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One of the great things about Twitter is being able to find like minded people and connecting. Sometimes this means students are talking to other students in different countries. Or moms are being able to connect with others just like them. And sometimes, you can find the people who love your must watch fave TV show just as much as you.  The easiest way of doing this is hastags. When you follow a hashtag you can follow a full conversation about the subject.

Recently I went on Tubetime and had the chance to tweet with others about my fave sitcom. Big Bang Theory. Installation was quick , easy and surprisingly inexpensive for a device. I was able to follow the hashtag easily and keep up in real time to the conversation. It was a lot of fun tweeting along with other fans. Seeing others tweet what I was thinking was quite the experience. If you have an Apple device (iPad, iPhone etc) and like to tweet while watching you drama or sitcom or even event, you will want to check this out.

TubeTime just launched the new social TV app in Canada! Tubetime is all about bringing TV viewers a fun, simple and richer TV experience, making what matters to you available in one app. Your channel guide, your shows, exclusive content and a universal remote control. All through your phone or tablet.

Tubetime social TV app is completely free!  The Connector  uses all the functionalities of the remote control for your TV, set-topbox (cable and satellite) and more, available on at $9.95.

Tubetime is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 5.1.1 and previous versions.

The Android app will be soon available on Google Play.



1. Find all your show: Search,browse and personalize your guide to find shows you like. Discover new ones. Keep track of your favorites, set reminders to never  miss your shows.

2. Get social. Don’t miss out! See what is trending right inside the guide! Post your comments and share the discussion.See what shows your friends are watching and share shows you like. Invite friends to watch with you.

3. Discover exclusive content: Enter contests, vote in polls and share your opinion. Answer real-time questions about the show you’re watching. Get special offers and exclusive content.

4. Control more than just your TV: By adding a Connector, your phone or tablet will become an easy to use universal remote, capable of controlling your TV, DVD player, Home Theatre and more!

I loved the fact that I could RT and reply to others tweets while using the hashtag. No need to add the hashtag either. The APP already does it for you. On top of tweeting, you can also share on Facebook. It really was a lot of fun.



  1. inkscrblr says

    Very interesting. I love new apps, so I will check this one out. Thanks, Kim!
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  2. I love the TubeTime app! I've been using it quite a bit and think it's so easy to use, and so convenient to interact with others and keep up with your favourite shows 🙂
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  3. oh that's that cool app you were telling me about!! awesome. I always tweet with the show I'm watching. that's why they have those hashtags listed in the lower right corners… right?! 😉
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  4. cool! I will have to test out this app, I'm usually live tweeting during shows. thanks for the tip 🙂

  5. bewitchinkitchen says

    Sounds like a great way to interact. I love that you can enter contests.
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  6. this looks cool, I'll have to wait for the android version
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  7. That sounds really really cool! I love tweeting during my nascar race, but it can be a bit of a pain trying to keep up. This sounds like it would work great!

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  8. Oh Wow this would so force me to stay on the couch even more!! Watching tv and tweeting all at the same time? People on my feed would want to murder me! Thanks for the introduction – will go check out their website!
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  9. This sounds like a great new app! I love to chat with others while watching my favorite shows – it's fun to find like minded people!
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  10. 1heart1family says

    Very cool ap! I love discussing TV shows while watching them! I'll have to check them out!
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  11. This seems like a really fun and useful app. There are shows I love to tweet about and this seems like it would make it easier to do!
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  12. What a cool app! I love to tweet while I'm watching TV but hate looking for hashtags – this would be perfect!
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  13. this is a cool idea. I am noticing more and more that tv shows are advertising hashtags to viewers while we watch!
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  14. This sounds really useful and will have to do some more research on it. If I don't, I am sure my husband will check it out and bring it to my attention.
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  15. multitestingmommy says

    Seriously, I think this is the coolest idea! It takes tv watching to a whole new level.
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  16. oh that would be so much fun to chill out with others while I watch Big Bang Theory! I love that show too! Can't wait til this is available on google play!

  17. Maple Leaf Mommy says

    That's pretty darn neat. I need to check it out next time I'm over at my mom's (we don't have subscription TV).

  18. I can't wait for the Android version. I so want to try this. I like the idea of my phone becoming a universal remote. I won't have to ask the 10 year old to get my show on the TV. 😉

  19. Looks interesting… but when I am in chill mode… tweeting is far from my mind 🙂
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  20. First off LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Bang Theory! Second that app sounds awesome. Just need to have the Android version to come out because my daughters monopolize the iPad more then I do! LOL
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  21. Love this! What a fantastic idea. I will check it out. Thanks!
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