Why am I on your email list? And other Pet Peeves for Bloggers

Well my blog would not be doing its name justice if I did not throw in the odd rant. February was full of ups and downs. I discovered there are a few bloggers who have absolutely no etiquette and when I reached out to friends in regards to this, they quickly gave me their two cents.

Four times last month I received in my inbox emails from other bloggers. Emails asking me to join an event, submit my links for a hop or even share contacts with “fellow bloggers”. First thing I wondered was “Who is this? ” I did not recognize the name on the email. Then when I realized they had CCed me in a group email and were spamming a bunch of us I decided to unsubscribe. The problem, no unsubscribe. So I replied all (I wanted all to see my response) and asked Why I was being emailed when I did not sign up. Then I asked to be removed.

Listen, I get hundreds of emails a day. Bloggers who moderate their comments get way more. Please do not add us to your mailing lists without our permission. This is rude. This is bad blogger etiquette.

As soon as I asked to be removed I saw others respond saying the same thing.

You can only be “new” for so long.

Eventually your behavior will do nothing but burn bridges. I value my network and my fellow bloggers. I treat them with respect and they do the same. I was surprised when I got the first email, shocked with the second and very grumpy by the time I got the fourth. All from different bloggers.

Is this a new trend?

I have made mistakes. We all have. Please learn from them and grow.

Here are some other Pet Peeves my fellow bloggers had when I mentioned this to them and asked, “What pet peeves do you have regarding fellow bloggers?”  

It really annoys me when bloggers that I know (or don’t know) email me and ask me for contacts anonymous

I get really annoyed when we’re automatically added into a Facebook group without our permission! We are already part of a LOT of groups and being added to a blogging support group isn’t cool MamaNYC

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to other bloggers is having my content stolen; especially when it the blogger doing the stealing is someone I’ve mentored Nap Time is my Time

Please please please stop asking me to promote you on my site, if you aren’t reciprocating the favor. A lot of time and energy goes into my blog and my content. I have no problem swapping guest posts, but it can not be one way. You lose trust this way. My readers don’t need to become confused, and wonder if I’m leaving my niche, or why am I promoting another blogger and not myself.  Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker

 If you do get permission to use another bloggers image don’t hot-link it. Also don’t try to remove watermarks from images you get permission to use. Frugal Mommy Eh!

I think my biggest blogger – blogger pet peeve is when one leaves a totally irrelevant, even incoherent sometimes, comment on one of my posts. I’d rather you didn’t comment at all then do that. Outside the Box

I hate it when you share a contact with someone and then they pass it around to everyone else anonymous

That bloggers think that we should all be paid the same amount and given the same opportunities (we are not all the same!) Anonymous 

My biggest pet peeve right now is manners. Bloggers need to hold themselves to a very high standard. Many of us run campaigns and also are asked often to recommend other bloggers. If a blogger displays completely inappropriate and rude Facebook posts, or is not good at public relations it will come back and bite them in the proverbial butt. Be yourself, be authentic, but think first. Also bad manners reflect on all of us because this is such a new field Thrifty Mommas Tips 

 I would just appreciate a simple “thank you” I don’t have to help you out by answering your questions or helping you with a lead but will because I am that sweet. Please show me some love when I do, is that too much to ask for? In R Dream

A few were repeated and there were actually way more. I think you get the point. We have all made mistakes and we all live, learn and grow. I am not writing this post as much to rant as I am to educate those who may just not know any better. Bottom line, please treat us fellow bloggers how you would like to be treated.

Did I miss a pet peeve you have? Share it below. I bet there are many more.


Thank you friends for your opinions and input.


  1. I don't have a pet peeve, but wowzers:

    "My biggest pet peeve when it comes to other bloggers is having my content stolen; especially when it the blogger doing the stealing is someone I’ve mentored Nap Time is my Time"

    this one HAD to have stung when you not only realize your work is being co-opted, but by someone you knew and trusted.

  2. It's so sad that ANY of this happens!
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  3. lots of good tips in there for new & old bloggers!
    My pet peeve is people thinking they should get every opp that everyone else gets.

  4. Wow. Just wow. Thank you for posting this. Really shocked reading all of this 🙁

    I too get a bit upset when people email me asking me for a contact that I have worked my butt off to establish a relationship with. The thing is, I will never give out anyone's contact info without prior consent. If they didn't contact you themselves then don't go hounding people for their info.

    I will gladly share any opps I have IF & WHEN I have permission to do so.

    I guess that's my main pet peeve 🙂

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  5. I honestly can't believe how bold people are sometimes, it took me years to have the courage to approach other bloggers and ask a question and only after I had gotten to know them first. People like the use the fact that they are 'new' as an excuse to get things the easy way. We worked our butts off when we started and that was way before there were conferences, companies, and content to help field the way.
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  6. Since I have watched much of this type of thing happen, it does not surprise me that it does. That said it is disappointing to watch some of this stuff happen repeatedly, especially after repeated requests to not do something and then watch the same person (or another) do the exact same thing next week.
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  7. I'm still growing in the blogging community but I wouldn't think about doing such a thing. I have emailed my mentors privately and have never thought about doing things as mentioned above! I pride myself in how hard I've worked with the relationships I've built without anyone's help. Some of my pet peeves (that really have nothing to do with my blogging) are when people do almost all of their posts geared towards getting tons of hits from Pinterest, and those GFC blog hops. Sure you've been blogging for 6 minutes and have 600 "followers" but do they actually read your content and like your blog?

  8. Great post. Always something to learn. I don't usually get peeved off at bloggers. I once got very frustrated when I've did something wrong (completely unintentionally or out of simple ignorance – I was a new blogger) and then the 'slighted' blogger wrote a blog post about what I had done. NOT COOL if you have a problem, let me know PRIVATELY and I will apologize. She then got a blogger friend of hers to like my page and troll it.

    I blocked both of them. Not nice supportive.

    I apologized, corrected the offense and moved on.
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  9. I didn't think that people would add you without your permission!

  10. Koala Bear Writer says

    Yes to all of these! I need to start unsubscribing from some email lists too, but as you say, so many don't have that easy "unsubscribe" button. And I've had friends add me to Facebook groups that I've promptly left because I don't want to be there – look, just ask me, okay? How did we lost so much common courtesy with the advent of social media?
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  11. Manners are timeless and should be followed online, just as you would follow them offline. The internet seems so vast, but I have learnt that a good reputation will precede you–and the same can be said for a poor reputation. The internet and social media is all about building relationships.

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  12. So unfortunate that so much of this happens and that there's so many bloggers that are put in a position to have so many of these pet-peeves.

  13. Blogging has changed a lot since I started in January 2009. It seems to have become much more cut-throat and competitive, I assume mainly because of all the opportunities that are now out there for monetizing blogs. I recently had a chat with a blogger friend who told me about all the bad experiences she's been having with mean bloggers who have used her by asking her to help promote them and then not doing the same in return for her.

    I guess I'm lucky that my blog is small and I have no advertising – I may not have a lot of readers and page views, but I also don't get caught up in the nastiness. I was actually surprised to hear how bad it's been for my friend.

    Just gotta believe in Karma and that what goes around comes around!
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  14. Awesome! 🙂

    Thank you for including me!!! I could have honestly given you a tremendous list of pet peeves. Stealing content and images is definitely my #1 issue with fellow bloggers. Don't you KNOW how much time and effort I put into this creation? I think many bloggers start off 'cheating' (maybe without even KNOWING it isn't right – mostly when taking Google Images.. no excuses for stealing content. Plagiarism was taught in 2nd Grade). Once they start off thinking "pictures that I find on Google Images are FREE" — that's that! They are set in their ways and won't be broken.

    I started out blogging thinking this was going to involve a lot of support and scratching each others backs. I love to help my fellow bloggers out, but eventually we grow tired of give, give, give and all we get in return is a few paragraphs of content ripped straight from our blogs and a fellow blogger hotlinking our images!! :-X
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