Amazing Clubs – Give Mom something she wants this Mothers Day!

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for your mom for Mothers Day? Maybe a gift for a special friend, teacher or even Bride to be? Maybe you are not looking for someone else but in fact looking to try out some exciting new products for yourself? If these are the case then you will want to read on. 

We have all heard of cheese or jam of the month clubs before. You know, you sign up and the receiver gets a yummy package every month with a unique variety of cheese or jam. But did you know you can sign up and get pretty much almost anything through a monthly club? I had no idea until I was introduced to Amazing Clubs. Their name fits them perfectly because they are amazing. 

amazing club

The monthly clubs they offer include : Wine, Beer, Pasta, Salsa, Breakfast club and more. The list was so long and the choice was really hard to make when ordering for myself. I however chose one that is perfect for me, Wine 🙂 So for the last three months at the end of the month I received an email informing me my shipment was sent. Then I received 2 bottles of red wine (I chose red  but could have picked white or both) Each delivery was packaged in a way that I did not worry about spillage or breakage. Each time I got 2 bottles of wine. Some were local wines and some were imports. All were new wines for me to try, brands/labels I have not tried before . I loved this!

Founded in 2003, Amazing Clubs began with a very simple mission – to bring our members the most exclusive and highest quality gourmet items available anywhere. It all started because our founders had received gift clubs from other companies in the past. And while some of them were pretty good, none of them were great. They wanted to change that.

Today we have offices in Canada and the United States and our gourmet gift clubs have been featured on TV shows and in major publications like the Today Show, Extra, Breakfast Television, The Price is Right, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal (just to name a few). And with over 1 Million happy customers we’re the largest provider of gourmet Gift of the Month Clubs in the world.



For me, the wine club was the best choice. I am always afraid to try new wines. I often refer to myself as a kid in a candy store when I am looking for a wine. So I stick to the same old same old and never try any new ones. This three month membership gave me the variety and chance I normally would not have had. I loved getting my delivery every month and loved drinking it.

I know I said this would make a great gift, however I am seeing myself signing up for more for ME in the near future. 

Club options include 3, 6, 12 months and seasonal. 

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Check out Amazing Clubs and get trying something new 🙂

What club would you choose?


  1. This is so great! The older my parents and I are getting, I'm having a harder and harder time thinking of things to get them for different occasions and this sounds like something that would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing 🙂
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  2. I think I would chose the 3 months so that I can test it out! 🙂 This is perfect for Mother's Day!

  3. multitestingmommy says

    I am getting the wine club right now and find it SO exciting to get new wines to try!!! What a GREAT Mother's Day gift idea!
    My recent post Meals Made Easy Leading Up to a Move!

  4. Maple Leaf Mommy says

    I am in love with Amazing Clubs. The "amazing" part is definitley not a misnomer. Hubby has a subscription for the Beer of the Month club and we are definitely renewing.
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  5. That is a very interesting concept!! I love it. I would try the 3 months subscription

  6. jodyfrommommymoment says

    That sounds really cool. I have never heard of Amazing Clubs before. I would LOVE the cheese club and should probably try to find out more about the jam club because my 4 year old eats a lot of it 😉 Off to check it out now.
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  7. getting a package in the mail is such a fun gift! to give and receive!
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  8. Awesome! Err, I mean "Amazing"! Years ago I was a member of a monthly wine club, but all they offered were Ontario wines (I live in the Niagara region, so they weren't all that special since I knew most of the wineries already). Great to see there's a wine club that offers international wines!

  9. Wanda Tracey says

    This is AMAZING! I haven't heard of Amazing Club before but now that I have I would choose the wine club.Thanks so much for the review.

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