Eating out? How much do you leave for a tip?

Tipping is one thing that really confuses me. I never know how much to leave. If I am leaving a tip, is it being split among the staff? Does the server get it all? Or do they share with the host/hostess and kitchen staff?

I always leave a tip. If we re at  bar we often leave a larger tip. On the few occasions where you server was horrible. I mean rude, slow and pretty much non existent, I left a tip with the other staff. this is usually in a restaurant where I know they are splitting tips. The food was great, the hostess, awesome. Just the server, not so good. So I usually give a tip and explain why I did not leave it on the bill or at the table. Otherwise if it is a small diner and the service/food is bad I will not leave a tip. However, I a one for explaining why. If I have an issue I will ask to speak to management. I feel as a business owner the company needs to know if their staff is doing a good or ad job. On the reverse, if I have someone do exceptional service , I will also tell the host/management.

Now how much do you tip? This part always confuses me. Check out the infographic below for details and information on tipping. 


  1. For me it totally depends on the service – I have in the past not left a tip at all because the service was so bad and I knew that the tips were not shared. What is new for me is leaving a tip in a pub, something that is never done back in Britain where I used to live

  2. multitestingmommy says

    Very interesting infographic!

    I was a server and let me tell you, it is definitely HARD work! You also don't get paid much at server wage, so you do rely on the tips to make your living. AND yes, the tips do get shared with the chefs, hostess etc.

    Having said that, our tipping varies depending on service – we range between 15-20% and sometimes more if we had stellar service!
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  3. Most of the time we leave 20%. Unless the bill is absolutely crazy, lol.

  4. Whitney Nicole says

    Interesting infographic, enjoyed the read.

  5. I liked that infograph! Really interesting!

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