Getting a Good Night Sleep. Is it possible?

It feels like winter is never going to end. We are almost at the end of April and I am looking out to a snow storm. A blizzard in April. What is going on Mother Nature? Lately with the weather being so blah and my family having a nasty bug I have been looking forward to bed. Well, actually for a few days I never even got out of bed. I was too sick to even go about my day. 

Problem is , our bed is old. Dents and grooves making it not as comfy as it once was. And really, how many times can I flip the mattress? 

Our bedding is old and our sleep at night……Well lets just say it is sometimes nonexistent. 

Not sure if it is because the family is sick or we are just not tired come the night. But I am awake every hour lately. One of the three kids will wake me. I can not get comfortable (this is huge, I need to be comfy) or hubs will be restless and wake me. Some nights we even have one of the dogs pushing against the bed and keeping me up. 

No matter what it is , I am looking forward to summer. I am skipping Spring and going straight to summer. I am looking forward to opening up my windows and airing out the house. I want to finish painting the bedroom and I am looking for new bedding. I want a clean, fresh, stylish look. I also want it to be comfortable. Beautiful colours, big over sized bedding and bold prints are a few of my wants for my Summer bedroom reno. I think redoing the bedroom will make me feel happy and calm. I want the bedroom to be a relaxing place. Out with the long dreary winter and in with the fresh, warm and bright summer. The bedding and linens found online at FRETTE are pure luxury and exactly what I am after. With Mothers day being around the corner I am adding them to my wishlist. Conveniently enough I can create a wishlist directly on their site. 



It is amazing how a few changes can transform a room and in turn transform a persons mood. Adding comfort and colour will surely make the bedroom a place to relax and I will quickly forget about the long winter. Now if only I can keep the kids out of there it will be paradise 🙂 At the very least I am sure this new atmosphere will help me get a good nights sleep

Check out FRETTE for yourself and connect on Facebook and Twitter 

What is your bedroom style? Do you think the way your room is decorated helps you sleep? 


  1. I always have the best sleep in a fresh bed. Hubs is the same way saying, ‘Ahhh fresh bed tonight’. I tend to buy new bedding in the spring… thanks for reminding me! I like your colour choices. Now off to take a peek and see if they have anything that will look great in my room.

  2. how the bedroom is for sure makes a big difference we changed the paint colour as well to help suite a more calmer feel
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  3. kerriemendoza says

    I am obsessed with new sheets and washing them often! Love these options. Heading over to check them out now!
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  4. I am definitely in need of new bedding but have the hardest time finding something just right. I'm going to go take a look, thanks!
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  5. Sometimes I think no, it isn't possible, especially since having children. 😉 But a great feeling and supportive mattress, cozy bedding, and calm ambiance can definitely make all of the difference!
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  6. Debbie Welchert says

    Your house sounds like our house. We all keep coming down with something and the cold weather just doesn't want to go away. I had the windows open for a couple hours yesterday and it felt so good but I had to close them because the nights are still too cold to leave them open. I would love to redo my bedroom this spring and add so color. I checked out Frette's Bedding and Linens and their products are just beautiful but a little pricey for me.

  7. binabugged says

    I don't sleep well because of my body. Wouldn't matter if I had a brand new spanking bed or one that was all nice and soft from years of sleeping on it. My prob is just old age and achy bones

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