Getting Your Boating License


Canada has many bodies of water that are great for swimming and boating. Lakes, rivers and ponds throughout our beautiful provinces and territories.  Our summers are full of fishing, tubing and exploring the shorelines or our local lake. It has become somewhat of a tradition for my family.  I see so many people on the lake that look like they are new to the boating life style. Some that are confident and others who are not sure of what they are doing. 

Driving a boat is more than knowing how to use the controls on your boat. It is more than knowing how to start, stop and park in a slip. It is also more than throwing an anchor over the side when you want to do some swimming. There are signs that need t be read, markers that are located and need to be navigated and there is safety. Safety for the driver/operator and safety for those on the boat. As well as safety for those not on the boat. When you think of it, there is a lot to take in and learn. 

This is why it is important to get your boat licence from Not only are you getting the information you need, but you are getting the hands on learning from being online. You can to see and try out as much as possible without actually being on the boat. Way more advanced than what you would get from just a book. You can still go into a classroom for your course, but this is a great option too. Especially for those who may not be near a location.  You just study, take the exam and then print your temporary card. So easy. 

Here are the facts

  • All operators of powered watercraft used for recreational purposes within Canada require the Pleasure Craft Operator card as of September 15 2009.
  • You do not need a drivers license for a car to have a boat license 
  • Operating a boat without will result in a fine

Now is the time to study and make sure you have the required documents in time to enjoy your summer on the boat. 


  1. sassymodernmom says

    My Dad has had his Boating license for more then 50 years. This past summer is the first time I thought I should be getting one too. So important to be water smart out there!

  2. My dad has since past and probably never needed a boating license but I think it is a very good law that ensures safety for everyone on the water.

  3. Victoria Ess says

    This is totally on my bucket list.

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