My Princess & The Three Teens


Kind of sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? 
Today my son turns 13. I now officially am mom to three teenagers. (Insert feel sorry for me face here) Having teens is not really a big deal. I get less bathroom time even though we have two bathrooms. I get less hot water and less phone and computer time. I also get less money. Well I have the same amount of money initially, it just goes faster. They seem to instantly be into the brand name clothes and all the high priced gadgets when they become teens. Nah, seriously I need to forget about all the food they eat and all the admirers calling the house. 

After all I do have three babysitters for my little princess. I have three helpers and for the most part they can fend for themselves. The boys have quickly taught themselves how to heat up leftovers and make soup.

As they get older I see we have more and more in common though. We like a lot of the same movies and enjoy much of the same music. 

I just can not get over the fact I am a mom to three teens! I do not feel “Old” I am only in my mid thirties.

I just…..

I don’t know.

Going on vacation and eating at restaurants and going to the movies they are now considered “adults” and the price is adjusted. They are not adults!! Well at least two of them are not. 

I am not new to being a mom to teens. I have been one for years. Just three, maybe it is hormone overload I am worried about? LOL 

My kids are all good kids. We do not have the drinking and drugs and violence I see other parents having to deal with. They are good at school, wonderful people, responsible and truly great kids. I am not imaging this as they are my kids. I actually get told daily how well behaved and polite they are. 

I think I am just feeling sad. A bit of a bitter sweet feeling. Three of my babies are growing up. I can remember them being new in my arms like it was yesterday. 

I can see why the youngest gets spoiled in large families. It is hard to let them grow up. You want to keep them your “baby” for as long as possible. 

Off to deal with teen things, you know Beats, Kicks and Facebook. Life could be different. I could be a grandma lol *knock on wood * 

Have a great one! I know I will, as today we eat cake (with cream cheese icing :)) 


  1. Awwww….Happy Birthday to your son today!! I can completely see how it would be bittersweet! That is so awesome that your teens are such great kids, especially considering how the world is today. You must be so proud!! I worry about the teen years lol. Although that's years away, I'm already discovering that time flies by, and I still can't believe that my daughter will be starting school this year, so we'll soon have both kids in school! It sounds like your kids have a good head on their shoulders, but that's no surprise, as they have a pretty awesome mama!! 😉
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  2. Loved this. I know the feeling. I have a pre-teen a teen and a young adult … Arg. The challenges. I just wish I could still hold them as long as I want without them squirming away.

  3. Teresa M says

    My daughter, Sara moved out in May last year at the age of 24 and I don't think I will ever get used to that. Enjoy those teen years 🙂

  4. Debbie Bashford says

    All teens, how time flies, they grow up so fast.

  5. You had me at cake with cream cheese icing!

    It must be hard to have most of your kids 'grown up' as you say. I can only imagine how hard that would be. I am mourning the fact that my babies are now 3. Can't really call them babies anymore 🙁
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  6. stephy905 says

    My mother has been going through something similar except she just became the mother of 3 adults as of november lol.

  7. Jennifer A says

    I think those are very common feelings to be going through for most mothers to be going through especially when you are very maternal it makes for a wonderful mother, loving, caring and devoted.

  8. At one point of my parenting life I had 4 teenage girls! You will do well! From reading your blog for the last couple of years, I know you are a strong woman and great parent! (I'm a lurker lol)

    Enjoy them while they are there!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  9. Florence C says

    I agree with Anne. Enjoy them while they are there because my two grown children live thousands of miles away. We have been lucky enought to visit them once a year so far. It is hard having the grandkids at such a distance. Thank god for the technology we get to talk to them face to face on facetime.

  10. Heidi C. says

    My babies are still only almost three but I definitely baby them because I know that I won't be having other children. My seven year-old girls already act like they are in the midst of puberty so I am dreading when the time actually comes :)!

  11. I do not want my kids to grow up to fast. My oldest is turning 8 this year, I know she is not a teenager yet, but it is right around the corner.

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