Planning a European Vacation

Do you have a bucket list? If so what is on it? Travel? Crazy , wild experiences? Maybe some exotic foods?

My bucket list is full of must see travel destinations. Places I have always wanted to visit and vow to one day see. On top of visiting the places I would want to experience them. Live life to the fullest and push my comfort zone a bit. I am realistic though. I know my odds of seeing all of these great destinations while the kids are at home are pretty slim. Busy schedules and a big family make traveling in general hard to do. Through in going somewhere far it is near impossible. I have family throughout Europe. I have an Uncle in England and a few relatives in Holland and Poland. These are places I want to visit. These are the top choices on my bucket list. Knowing it will be difficult to take the entire family I may just take one of the kids. My oldest son has shown an interest in travel. He likes the idea of going to Europe and he loves to learn about history. I think he would be the perfect travel partner. 

This trip will happen one day for us. Eventually I will book a flight and sort the accommodation online. I just need to figure out if I am going alone or bringing the kids.


Top 4 things I would want to do in Amsterdam 

1. Red light district– I think I would want to see it just for the sake of saying I saw it. I have a feeling its notorious reputation is a bit exaggerated for movies but I think it is still a must see. 

2. Visit the home of Anne Frank– Anne Frank is well known for her dairy of hiding for two years as a young girl with her family in the second world war after fleeing Germany. As a history buff I think this will be an emotional visit. 

3.Visit the canals– Honestly I never thought of Amsterdam and canals. When I think of canals I think of other European cities. I definitely would love to check them out. 

4. Eat– I would want to eat all the local foods from fresh caught Herring to Patat ( fries with mayonnaise , curry Ketchup and onions. Not to mention the other local foods like Steampot and Limburgse vlaai


If you were to visit Amsterdam what would you want to see and do?


  1. I have visited Amsterdam & rode in boats through the canals. It really gave a different perspective to seeing the city from the water as opposed to the streets. The thing that sticks with me the most is the sheer number of black bicycles that were there. We even saw a large, multi-story parking garage that only housed bicycles!

  2. I'd love to go to Amsterdam. It is on my list! Because I love art, I would go to the Rijksmuseum to see the famous paintings of the Dutch masters. I fancy Rembrandt and Vermeer's work. Of course, I'd soak in the Dutch culture by strolling the streets…maybe go to a cafe'!


  3. Florence Cochrane says

    My daughter just did three weeks mostly travelling Italy. I followed her travel on line. She messaged me when she moved and where she was staying and for how long. I did the vitual tour. Now I want to go there.
    She loves the historical sites.

  4. Heather says

    Europe is definitely on my bucket list. Particularly Italy! Maybe when the kids are bigger *sigh Oh, and I love your blog title!

  5. shelly peterson says

    I would love to just be able to travel, even if it was within the the U.S. Europe wouldn't exactly be on the top of my list to visit but im sure it would be fun and if I was to visit I would love to visit the home of Anne Frank with my daughter, she would really enjoy that.

  6. mommyoutside says

    Amsterdam is lovely. And no, the reputation of the red light district is not exaggerated, at all. It is pretty much how you see it in the movies…..

    Amsterdam is all about canals, and bikes!

  7. fibromyalgiadoesntdefineme says

    I have always wanted to travel all over europe. Maybe someday…. 🙂

  8. stephy905 says

    I would love to go to Poland to visit my long lost relatives. I hear Europe is gorgeous.

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