Planning an affordable Family Vacation

After what seems like an endless winter my kids are ready for the warmer weather. Every day they keep asking me when we are going to go away on vacation? Where are we going to go? How long are we going to stay? As well as what seems like millions of other questions. Last year we went to Florida and had a great time. Me alone in Orlando with three kids was actually a blast! I know this is where they want to go again. Just not sure if we can afford it. 


Last time we stayed off site and had to rely on third party transportation to get to and from the park. This was very crowded and very long hours. The hotel we stayed in was not the greatest either. Looking back I am thinking I would prefer something with a meal plan and on site so we can take advantage of the park transportation. Traveling with three kids I also like the idea of all inclusive. This way I know all I need to bring for cash is spending money. Having everything paid for and covered before we leave is comforting. Traveling on a budget is not always the easiest thing to do after all. Looking into this option, I think there are many other places we can visit. Now just to convince my kids of this. I kind of like hot and tropical. 


Searching for and booking a family trip is quite easy. Online there are so many options for booking vacation packages you can afford. You can do all of your research. Compare prices. Find hotels and even rent a car. They make it effortless these days. I love that the price even included your flight. Seeing all the costs at once make making the decision simple. The only part that is not easy is choosing where to go. A part of me wants a tropical beach vacation with fancy umbrella drinks. The other part wants the family friendly entertainment and amazement park. I think I am leaning towards the Disney trip. After all I can do tropical vacations when the kids are all grown up and moved out. If I am lucky they will even flip the bill 🙂 

Are you planning a trip this summer? Where would you like to go?

Happy travels!


  1. stephy905 says

    I heard the best all-inclusive place to vacation is Cuba. I wouldn't really know otherwise. Gorgeous pictures by the way. They make me day dream lol.

  2. I find that the most expensive part of traveling seems to be the airfare. That can mount up in a hurry, especially when the taxes are added on. Hope you can find something affordable. It's always great to be able to get away for a break.

  3. I think having a proper service provider would help much in this case. I wish to go up a great island and enjoy a beautiful resort vacation there. Nice tips. 🙂

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