Pretty Crocheted Blanket for my 'Big Girl'

When I was a little girl my grandma was a very practical lady. She cooked from scratch, made things by hand and raised a family of 7. She taught me so much that when I became a mom, she was the only person I trusted for advice. She passed away a few years ago and I miss her terribly. I do still remember many of the skills and traits she taught me though. One is crocheting. Well, she taught me knitting as well but I never really could pick it up. 

When we would go to visit her she would always have a new project on the go. She would wake at 5AM and cook and clean and during her “me time” she would make beautiful pieces for her family. When I got pregnant with my first child she gave me a bunch of wool and I started making baby blankets. After that every time I was pregnant (4X) I would make blankets for my new baby.. I have done a few for friends and family as well. I never follow a pattern. II just go with the flow and do what looks best as far as colour and design. Well I am not pregnant lol but I did just finish a blanket. 

What happened is my 4 year old was cuddling up with a blanket I had made her. I noticed she has grown a lot and the blanket is now more suitable for her dolls. So I picked up some multi coloured wool and made her a blanket. Pinks, purples and a bit of white. I added a few stripes to break up the colour. I purposely spaced them off so the blanket would have some character. I also trimmed it with a frill. I think it turned out quite nice. She loves it. 

Overall it took me three weeks of ‘me time’ SO that means when I had nothing else to do and was watching either the Walking Dead or Celebrity Apprentice  I was crocheting this blanket. 

What do you think? My family and friends were a bit surprised I had this hidden talent. It has been over four years since I made anything. I love how I can remember what my grandma taught me as  small girl and use it for my family.

blanket upclose


The above pic is up close and below is a shot to show off the frilly edge. 

blanket floor


Here the blanket is spread out. Tell me what you think?

blanket spread


  1. Diane Trudeau says

    I love the colours, very pretty

  2. It's absolutely beautiful!! You are so lucky to have a grandma that shared her talents with you!! Cooking def brought me and my grandma together! Love this!!

  3. Pretty! I love the colours you chose. I think handmade stuff is just so special.
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  4. stephy905 says

    You did a beautiful job. It's such a lost art these days. It's nice to see people who are keeping it alive.

  5. Looks great! I wish I could crochet. I can knit, but have never learned to crochet!
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  6. It is beautiful! Your family must be so proud of you and rightly so!! Well done 🙂

  7. Love your blanket! I always admired how easy my mom could sew and knit beautiful projects! She has been gone a year now and i treasure all the things she created for my and family over the years! I am sure your daughter will love her blanket to for years to come!

  8. Elva Roberts says

    April 8- The Mother of one of my friends taught me how to knit. I have never really mastered Crochet but I knit for my Childrn, gchildren and now my great grandchildren. I did not have any grandmothers in my life as they had died. You are so very lucky to have someone who loved you so much and took time to teach you things,. I love your blanket. Elva Roberts

  9. I LOVE the blanket you made for your daughter!!! My mother-in-law taught me how to crochet, and I too, have made blankets for my kids, friends and family. I only know the one stitch (which I don’t even know the name!) she taught me and would love to learn something new. Are you willing to share the directions for this blanket and the trim? Or does it have a name maybe I could google/YouTube? I know you said you go with the flow, so maybe you created this stitch yourself? Anyhow, I’d LOVE the directions if you’re willing to share! Great work! It’s beautiful!! 🙂

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