#T2T Insurance Fraud- What you can do about it from IBC

Insurance fraud is something many of us do not think about. Sadly it exists and in more depth than many of us would ever think.  When I think about insurance fraud I think about a person providing false information to gain something from an insurance company. Maybe filing a false claim or exaggerating facts for profit. Have you ever thought that YOU could be victim to insurance fraud? I know I had not considered it. However it is very possible.  IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada) has some valuable information for those thinking they are victims or need to report someone who is committing fraud .


Reporting insurance fraud is important. It is not tattling or causing problems for people. What reporting does is :

  • Keep premiums down

  • Bring offenders to justice

  • Make our roads safer

  • Make potential criminals think twice, and help keep insurance affordable for honest policyholders

  • Prevent crime

What is insurance fraud?

Here are a few types of insurance fraud

  • Include pre-collision damage in an auto insurance claim.

  • Claim property items not stolen or damaged during a break-in.

  • Exaggerate injuries following a collision in order to collect benefits.

  • Make an insurance claim for an event that never happened (collision, break-in, etc.).

  • Offer or accept “free” treatment for an injury unrelated to a collision.

  • Charge an insurance company for treatments that never happened (through a health care facility).

  • Encourage anyone to participate in fraudulent activity (through a legal representative).

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Insurance is something we all have and we all need. It is mandatory for mortgages and to drive and own a car. It is only right that we all follow the rules and use it as it is intended. When we follow the rules we all can keep premiums to a minimum. If you knew of someone committing insurance fraud would you know where to report it?

Reporting insurance fraud

If you are wanting to report insurance fraud you can do so at the following

IBC runs a toll-free tips line, available 24/7. Just call 1-877-422-TIPS. Or you can submit a confidential tip online. Check out Get in the Know for more info



Although this post has generously been sponsored by Insurance Bureau of Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Insurance Bureau of Canada.



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