6 cool ways moms can embrace social media (perhaps)

My love affair with social media began shortly after I found out I was pregnant with our fourth child. I was a bit older than I was with previous pregnancies and we lived in a new town. This meant I had very little friends and my body hurt. Walking was not possible and the heat form the summer was too much to handle. So I spent most of my days in our cool furnished basement online. I started with contests and forums then went to Twitter. At first I started Twitter as a contest entry. Then I found a whole new world.  A world of people like me. A world of moms who have went through things like me. People I could talk to and get instant responses from. I loved it. After our daughter was born I would spend the time she slept online. She would sleep and I would enter giveaways. I did quite well too. From there, my blog was born. 

Now my kids are all older and I still am very active online. I enjoy talking to people about my favourite shows, my kids sports and sometimes venting and ranting about life. I am often shocked how many people do not have a Twitter account these days. So many still do not have email. They are missing out on a world they have no idea about. Where else can you talk to somebody in New Zealand, Texas and British Columbia all at once?

My parents are these kind of people. I wish I had time to introduce them to the burgeoning world of social media When someone asks my mom for her email her face just looks stunned. I admit it is sometimes embarrassing. I think the online world can offer so much. 


6 cool ways moms can embrace social media 

1.Join a forum, Google hangout, Facebook group or other site geared towards parenting. Maybe single parents, breastfeeding or even new moms at 40. I bet no matter what your situation, there is a group online full of others with the same scenario. 

2. Tweet! Get on Twitter and start tweeting. Start an account, make your profile pic something anything other than an egg and get tweeting. Follow people of interest and reply. They will respond.. They will follow back. You will chat. You will make friends. 

3. Read or write a blog. Blogs are great ways to connect and relate. You can blog about ANYTHING your heart desire  You can find blogs to fit every subject you can imagine. A simple Google search will help you find blogs that fit your style and you can quickly get reading. No luck finding that perfect one. No worries. Start your own. No cost. Blogger and Word Press are easy for you to start.

4. Facebook. Facebook is more than finding those old boyfriends and high school friends. You can connect with your favourite brands, radio stations and even celebrities. Catch updates, get coupons and enter contests. Your profile is as private as you want it to be. 

5. Pin it! Love crafts or recipes? You will want to check out Pinterest. A crafters paradise. No shortage of inspiration on there. I often lose track of time when I get pinning. Food and crafts are not all that is on there. You can find the latest on your fave shows, news , travels and more. 

6. Youtube. Missing a song form your high school days or looking for a quick how to video Youtube is the place to be. Anyone can upload a video and share as long as they have an account. You can set the privacy to public pr private. You can catch episodes of your fave talk show or commercials. If it is on TV or video you will find it on Youtube. You may even find some videos from people you know on there.

Social media options are endless. One thing for certain is there is something for everyone. What is your number one place for social media and online time spent?




  1. I started going online regularly when I learned that my 4th child ~might~ have Down Syndrome. At that time I used the internet the most to seek information, then eventually start a support group in forums for those facing the same uncertainty. When my 5th child was born, my focus began to shift from forums to Facebook. I opened up a Facebook account so I could enter a writing contest, if I remember correctly. The first contest I entered I won an iPad 2! Then, I opened a Twitter account also for a contest: I won $1000! I continued on in that fashion for a little while.

    It was a short while before my focus shifted from contesting to blogging. I have now been blogging for 16 months. I am now considering switching to a dot com.
    My recent post Maple Leaf Prime Tacos & CONTEST!

  2. Nicole B says

    I find social media is so helpful for a stay at home mom. It lets me stay in contact with all my social circles as well as create new ones. You don't feel so isolated when you can jump on twitter and facebook!

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