Avocado Smoothie

Lately I have been trying hard to get my daily servings of fruits and veggies in. It is all a part of my “making healthy choices” resolution.  After hanging out in Texas and tasting the yummy Bloody Mary made from salsa I got wondering what other recipes could be tweaked to add Avocado and salsa.

Today I made a smoothie. I drink a lot of smoothies as they are tasty and a good way for me to get my veggies and fruit in. Plus they are super easy to make.  When working on my laptop I love to be able to drink my meals as well lol So much easier than using a fork. 🙂

So I experimented and this is what I came up with, Avocado Smoothie

avocado smoothie

Avocado Smoothie 

In a blender combine the following

  • 1 orange no peel
  • 2 packs of Wholly Avocado snack packs
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 5 ice cubes
  • honey to taste ( 2Tbsps) 

Blend on high, pour and drink.

This was really green to look at. Kind of looked like squished peas at first. I tasted it and loved it. The combination was perfect and it was lunch. The smoothie was thick, but I like them that way.

Avocados are a Super Food. They have a lot of benefits to them.

Aren’t avocados high in fat?
They sure are, but it’s all good! Avocados often have a bad reputation for being high in fat- but that’s only half the story. The truth is: avocados are high in monounsaturated fat. The same fat that’s in olive oil and almonds. There are tons of great health benefits associated with the monounsaturated fat having to do with blood cholesterol, cancer and diabetes. So dip on, without the worry!
Quote source Wholly Guacamole
I am looking forward to seeing what other recipes I can add Avocados to and how I can get the benefits of them myself.
Do you eat Avocados? How to you like them?


  1. Sounds yummy, i'll have to try it. I love avocado. Use it to thicken my soups too.

  2. Holly D says

    I love avocado smoothies!! I usually throw in 1/4 avocado into any smoothie I make to thicken it up. Also really liking Kale smoothies! I also use honey to sweeten them up a bit!

    If you're interested in trying a new one –

    2 Big leaves of Kale
    1/2 cup (or more depending on you) coconut water or reg water
    1 cup of peaches (I use frozen)
    1 banana
    1/4 avocado
    2 teaspoons of honey to sweeten.

    So good!

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