How Attitudes about Hair Colour Have Evolved Over Time!

Redheads have always been portrayed in media as the feisty, fiery even sexy outspoken woman. The independent friend or perhaps the mistress. Personally I do  not like these stereo types but they are what they are. Some are true, some are not.

Back in the day when Television was still innocent the redhead was the quick witted one or the one who was a bit more aggressive than others. Perfect examples of Gingers fitting these stereotypes would be some of my faves below.

When it comes to famous characters in books who are redheads I would have to pick Pippi Longstocking and Anne of Green Gables. Both were young, full of life and knew exactly what they wanted. 


And in movies…


Ginger Grant

The Gilligan’s Island character was the sexy movie star. Always wearing evening gowns, with her hair done and make up perfect (even while stranded on the island) The character was everything but the typical every day woman for the time (mid 60s) 


Lucille Ball
Best known for her sitcom character in I Love Lucy , this fellow redhead knew how to push the buttons. Her humour and wit was classic. Being filmed in the 50s Lucy is a redheaded housewife who is always finding trouble. To this day her fan base is huge and she is an icon to many. 


Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit, wife of Roger Rabbit in the Disney movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit portrayed the sexy starlet from years prior. Even though she was a cartoon character her curves created all kind of trouble for her and those around her. 

jessica rabbit

Now there may be fewer redheads but we seem to be popping up all over the place. Natural redheads and some who are red from a bottle. It turns out that Red hair is great to film. It catches the light just right and creates a great picture. Personally I wish the nerdy roles were not always red haired kids. I much rather the roles we Gingers had years ago. 

One of my fave characters played by a fellow redhead is Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series. Watching this young man grow to be a great brave friend was so much fun. I was proud to see a redhead in this role. He was not sexy, not outspoken and not nerdy. He could have been any kid. I loved it. 

Over the years the roles may have changed. It is interesting to me to see how attitudes about hair colour have evolved over time. One thing for certain is that redheads are very unique. Sometimes we fit the stereotypes, sometimes we do not. I look forward to see how we evolve over the next few years. 

Do you have a favourite redheaded character? 


  1. I used to love Pippi Longstocking when I was little. I loved Jessica Rabbit as well.

  2. Chandra C O'Connor says

    Pippi Longstockings my fav growing up.

  3. Definitely Pippi Longstockings and Anne of Green Gables!

  4. When I was a kid, I wished I had red hair and freckles, just like Anne did. I was a little obsessed… Fun post! I wonder if red-headed boys have been stereotyped in movies in a very different way than red-headed girls…
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  5. Elva Roberts says

    September 12-Being a native of Prince Edward Island, I would have to mention Anne Shirley -Anne of Green GAbles. I had read every book from Author L. M.Montgomery that I could get my hands on.
    Like you, I loved Lucille Ball and Pippi Longstocking. Redheads are as unique as any of us are and thank goodness for that!

  6. cottagebunny says

    I have always been a fan of Lucille Ball.There's nothing and nobody like her for comedy and personality.She was very unique.
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  7. Kim Possible

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