Long Weekend Entertaining with Target Canada (Giveaway)


Victoria Day weekend is here or maybe better known as May 2-4

It is usually the first official kick off to summer for us all here in Canada. we start our gardens, go camping, head to the beach and go on fun family picnics.  Canadians love the outdoors and we love our long weekends. With any luck the weather will continue to be great and we will all have a blast. 

Target Canada is opening all throughout this great country of ours (if yours is not open it will be soon) To celebrate the kick off to summer they have everything we need for our long weekends and fun family outings. I was sent a bunch of goodies to create some picnic snacks for my kids. 


The family road trip can be tough – often inching along as everyone hits the highway for the inaugural cottage visit or weekend away. To keep kids occupied (and drivers sane), be sure to pack the following:

  • Snacks – keep a secret stash of goodies to make a long trip a bit more bearable (and fast food pit stops to a minimum). Target’s owned brands Market Pantry and Archer Farms have a variety of snack items including fruit strips, granola, chips and popcorn to snack on along the way
  • Car friendly games – for long drives, best to pack some car friendly games and books to keep little ones occupied and entertained.
  •  iPad – make sure the family iPad is fully charged for tech savvy kids to quietly play their favourite games in the back.
  • DVD – great for a rainy day or dull drive, pack favourite movies for the DVD player, such as The Rise of the Guardians, Mulan or The Lorax.
  • Safety First – with so many cars on the highway, make sure to have a fully stocked first aid kit in the trunk

For our trip to the beach I mixed up some goodies from Target and made Smores Trail Mix


Smores Trail mix

  • What you need
  • 1 bag of chocolate chips
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 1 box of Golden Grahams Crunch

Add equal parts to a large bowl

Mix and separate into mini bags or cups/bowls with lids

Takes with you and enjoy

A yummy recipe you can try from Target Canada is Chickpea & Feta Dip. Perfect for the cottage or sitting out on the deck with guests 

chickpea-feta-dipWhat you need:

  • 2 cans (15 ounces each) chickpeas (garbanzo beans), rinsed
  • 2/3 cup crumbled feta cheese, divided
  • 1/3 cup roasted red pepper strips, divided
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • TRISCUIT Crackers

Here’s how:

  1. Process chickpeas, 1/2 cup cheese, 1/4 cup peppers and next 4 ingredients in food processor until smooth.
  2. Spoon into serving bowl; top with remaining cheese and peppers.
  3.  Serve with crackers

What you need:

  • 3 Tbsp. butter
  • 3 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 4 cups Honey Graham Crunch cereal
  • 1 1/2 cups Market Pantry miniature marshmallows
  • 1 (11.5 oz.) bag milk chocolate chips

Here’s how:
1. Spray 8 or 9-inch square pan with cooking spray.
2. Melt butter in large saucepan over LOW heat; add 3 cups miniature marshmallows. Cook and
stir until melted and smooth; remove from heat. Add cereal; mix until well coated.
3. Press firmly into prepared pan with the back of a buttered spoon or waxed paper. Sprinkle 1
1/2 cups miniature marshmallows in single layer over top.*
4. Heat chocolate chips in medium microwave-safe bowl on HIGH 1 minute; stir. Heat in
additional 10 second increments until completely melted. Spread evenly over top of marshmallows. Let stand until chocolate is set.

– Makes 16 bars

Target Canada has everything you need for entertaining on the long weekend.

  • Plastic makes perfect – with kids running around in bare feet, plastic dishes and stemware make entertaining outside stress free. Target’s Threshold collection carries colourful dishes and serving trays to create a beautiful outdoor tabletop.
  •  Accessorize – gardens and greenery provide a beautiful backdrop for any occasion. Add to the outdoors with seasonal accessories including bright patio rugs, umbrellas and pillows.
  • Ambiance – set the mood with outdoor lanterns and low background music (but remember, sound travels!)
  • Food – check the grocery aisle for quick and easy appetizers to pop in the oven as guests arrive. 
  • Archer Farms’ Spanakopita and Lobster and Cheese bites are crowd pleasers – just make sure you have enough on hand for seconds!

Giveaway time!!

Target Canada wants you to be ready for summer fun. If you are needing to stock up for entertaining or an afternoon at the beach, They have what you need. Enter the form below for your chance. Good luck!


  1. mommakoala says

    I would put it towards a new vacuum

  2. I could use some new shelves

  3. I'd treat myself to some new, fluffy towels!

  4. I would probably buy some clothes for the boys
    My recent post Ideas to entertain the kids

  5. Michelle Roy says

    I would probably buy groceries, food staples for my home!
    Michelle Roy

  6. I would probably buy some more summery tees or clothes!

  7. i would buy summer clothes for the kids and myself if i won!

  8. Chandra O'connor says

    Id buy dishes for my kitchen

  9. Stacey K says

    I would like to buy some new bedsheets.

  10. Something handy for my son's apartment.

  11. Brenda Penton says

    I would buy some new summer clothes for the kids

  12. Tricia Cooper says

    I'd put the gift card towards some clothes.

  13. candess phillips says

    sandals and swimming suits for the boys.

  14. CLOTHES & stationaries

  15. Teresa Claire says

    Michael and I went to Target at Tillicum in Victoria, BC for the first time last week. He knew that I had been watching the renovations and early anticipating the opening so it was a bit of a surprise when he told me that we were headed there. I saw so many things that I wanted! I plan on going there this week and picking up a few things for Audrey Hepburn the Cat. They have a nice set of queen sized sheets that I would like. They are made in the US by Field Crest and retail for $79.99. I thought that was a great price for 100% cotton and 600 thread cout plus it will fit up to a 20" mattress. I have been holding off from buying new sheets because I wanted a set made in the US and I was hoping that my local Target would have these and they do 🙂 My last set of sheets were made in Canada and on the package I read that it would fit up to a 17" mattress…but not even close…it is a struggle to make the bed. Sorry for the long post but Target excites me!!

  16. I'd probably get some groceries!

    Anne Taylor

  17. Anu Chopra says

    I would buy some new clothes for the kids.

  18. I'd buy a toaster

  19. I would but a whole bunch of kids clothes. They have an awesome selection!

  20. Christine D says

    I would like some new towels.

  21. I would get clothes! My summer wardrobe is a little pathetic right now.
    My recent post {this moment: balloon carrots}

  22. I would pick up summer clothes for the kids!
    My recent post Chocolate Philly Breakfast in Bed Challenge

  23. michelle tremblett says

    I would buy some more summer clothes for the kids, can never have enough shorts the way they play in the dirt hehe

  24. some new sandals

  25. Jennifer L. says

    I'd buy some summer shorts and a t-shirt.

  26. I would buy a birthday present for my son who will be 3 at the end of June.

  27. Heidi C. says

    I would buy groceries with it!

  28. A new coffee pot 🙂

  29. I would probably buy groceries.

  30. julie_bolduc says

    a good pillow

  31. Jennifer C. says

    Some ingredients to make some great summer meals! 🙂

  32. Sonia Kashuk's brushes

  33. Darlene Schuller says

    I'd probably spend it on my girls, clothes/toys/makeup..

  34. I would buy some Roots clothing made for Target

  35. I would be using the giftcard to buy some clothes for the kids and maybe pick up some snacks too.

  36. Clothes for me 🙂
    My recent post The Toronto Zoo's Newest Stars – Welcome Pandas!

  37. glogirl3 says

    I would buy some bath and body products! Maybe the new Cake beauty line.

  38. michelle says

    a bathing suit and big wide floppy hat and sun screen

  39. lori butler says

    i would use it for outdoor gardening items

  40. I'd put it toward some outdoor/backyard toys for my son.

  41. Sandals, that is, if summer ever comes!

  42. Some bathroom accessories

  43. I would get some new summer shirts

  44. I'd buy some new summer clothes.

  45. Joce Lyne says

    i would buy groceries and maybe summer toys 🙂

  46. I love their fitted sheets. Super deep.

  47. Dayna Wilson says

    Some clothes for the little dude..and maybe some for me, too!

  48. Andrew P says

    new clothes!

  49. Nena Sinclair says

    I would buy clothing for my sons.

  50. I'd get some melamine plates and garden things. Maybe some Archer Farms products. Love their granola.

  51. Doris Calvert says

    Something from the Nate Burkus line

  52. KittyPride says

    I would buy new sandals for the kids.

  53. I need some new maxi dresses!

  54. Cindy B. says

    I would pick up some groceries

  55. Angela Mitchell says

    Some summer clothes for my kids.

  56. billiondollarprincesss says

    A summer outfit!

  57. I would buy shoes for my girls, thank you:)

  58. thejauntyloon says

    I'd stock up on vitamins. (I know. I must be the most boring person in the world!)

  59. natasha severson says

    id buy some much needed groceries

  60. kristy edgington says

    pool supplies!!

  61. Probably some bedding.

  62. mommyknowz says

    i'd buy my boys some new summer clothes

  63. Victoria Ess says

    I would buy things for entertaining in my backyard — e.g., some bright dishes, cups, lights

  64. Julie G. says

    I'd save it for Christmas shopping

  65. Journeysof TheZoo says

    I need a shelf and hangers for the guest room. Looking forward to checking them out.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    My recent post All-Natural @LitterGetter Keeps Odours Away {#Giveaway} US/CAN, 5/30

  66. I am looking for some new bed pillows.
    My recent post Massage Your Kale for Quickie Salads

  67. Francine says

    I'd update my patioware so we can enjoy lounging around on our deck this summer.

  68. We need a new kettle

  69. I'd buy some baby stuff for my new grandbaby.

  70. Sabrina T says

    I've never been to target but there's one opening in my town. My little one is growing so fast, I think I'd use it to buy her some clothes maybe 🙂

  71. groceries

  72. I would buy some new summer sandals.


    My whole family is due for new summer sandals so I think I would start there

  74. aliesiar says

    New clothes

  75. Carole b. says

    I would buy groceries

  76. I would buy some new summer clothes and some snacks 🙂

  77. Desperately need some new clothes. Last year I spent only $50 on clothes. 🙁

  78. Karin Dollery says

    I would buy a new sheet set.

  79. Jill Edwards says

    Laundry soap and towels

  80. Beth Gallinger says

    I would buy baby clothes.

  81. Clifford says

    I would put it toward summer sandals for the kids.

  82. Cheryl Grandy says

    I'd probably buy groceries.

  83. gregg deering says


  84. sarah stickney says


  85. Laurie Bolduc says

    I would buy new swim suits if I won.

  86. Yan Deng says

    nail polish and some makeup!

  87. elaine bolduc says

    I would put it towards bedding

  88. Olivia L says

    I need new bath towels and I like their selection.

  89. id buy summer clothes for my kids and a hat

  90. SueSueper says

    I would buy some clothes – specifically for my daughter.

    What about mom? lol, oh well, mom needs to stop putting herself last.


  91. Lori Bazan says

    I need some summer clothes and even basics like socks, underwear and pj's! I am so excited that target will be in walking istance from my home!

  92. Nicole B says

    I'd get some new clothing for the baby!

  93. stacey h says

    i'd buy sam & libby sandals

  94. Laura P. says

    Some new warm weather clothes.

  95. I would probably buy some summer clothes if I won the target gift card.

  96. Kristi Renout says

    Some fun summer toys.

  97. Groceries.

  98. belinda mcnabb says

    I would get a couple of pairs of new sandals

  99. I would stock up on essentials.

  100. I am in need of a new blender. Target here I come

  101. Camping supplies

  102. Undomesticgirl says

    I would buy some blackout drapes

  103. new summer clothes 🙂

  104. I want to buy a new lamp and lamp shade!
    Beth B

  105. I would buy some shorts for myself.

  106. Patrick Miller says

    Some summer outfits

  107. Leanne M says

    Birthday party supplies for my twins upcoming birthday

  108. Tara Crawford says

    i would buy kids clothes

  109. I would put the $$$ towards new cushions for our patio set.

  110. Lindsay Cyr says

    I would buy some clothes for my children 🙂

  111. susan margaret says

    I'd put it towards buying an ipad

  112. mary casper says

    summer clothes

  113. Karry Knisley says

    Groceries and hair dye

  114. juli guthrie says

    I'd buy my husband's father's day gift with it!

  115. I'd like a new skillet or frying pan.

  116. Florence says

    i buy clothes for the grandkids.

  117. Monique Rizzo says

    I'd save it for school clothes.
    Thanks for the chance.

  118. Lisa Robertson says

    Kids need summer clothes

  119. Katrina Brady says

    I would buy some plastic dinnerware

  120. rebecca day says

    a swim suit

  121. Kayla Gilbert says

    I would use it to buy a treat for my husband and I 😉

  122. Rebecca Moeller says

    I would buy some clothes for summer!

  123. Sunscreen, hat, umbrella, and drinks
    My recent post Stuck on You: Getting Ready for Camp ~ PR & Giveaway

  124. I need to buy new bedding and towels.

  125. angela m says

    I would some new clothes for summer

  126. Sweet Panda says

    I would love to buy some summer clothing for my boy

  127. We are redecorating our house, and I need new clothes, so probably housewears and a new dress 🙂
    My recent post Father's Day With Parker Pen #Giveaway

  128. I would buy some stuff for the garden

  129. Lori L - @Miss_Elles says

    I'd put it towards a bunk bed for my daughters!

  130. Elaine Jasvins says

    New sheets for the beds.

  131. summer dishes
    My recent post pinterest saturday

  132. Donna L. says

    a nice summer dress

  133. Marjorie L. says

    new summer sandals

  134. I would buy something for the new baby.. diapers perhaps!?!?!
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  135. I would probably buy something to wear for Summer.

  136. I would buy some maternity or baby clothes

  137. Sunshine G says

    Summer toys for the baby!

  138. veronica vaughn says

    coffee for my keurig

  139. I would purchase a few tins of NutriBar meal replacement powder

  140. Paula Schuck says

    I would love some new patio stuff or mini iPad.

  141. I would buy home furnishings! they have such cute funky stuff!

  142. Cheryl Almas says

    I would buy food.

  143. coffee

  144. sean pynaert says

    I would buy new shoes for my son.

  145. mike gismondi says

    I'd buy some clothes!

  146. Randy Carter says

    This giftcard would go toward a new lawn chair for sure and likely some summer snacks too!

  147. I would buy baby clothes for the baby I am expecting in the summer.

  148. Summer toys

  149. groceries

  150. Misty Rios says

    I would buy some new clothes for the kids

  151. I would buy some new rainboots as mine just got a hole in them!

  152. Amy Heffernan says

    I would buy my 4 year old some new clothing. TY!

  153. Dianne Melnick says

    Cute clothes for my little girl 🙂

  154. Andria R says

    Groceries and maybe a couple cat toys.

  155. I could use some new summer clothes!

  156. Sandra G says

    I would use it to buy some summer stuff when the new stores open here in Sk

  157. Put it towards some baby things as I’m expecting.

  158. Kelly Gordon says

    My Daughter's 11th Birthday is coming up 🙂

  159. Jennifer A says

    I would buy the kids summer clothes 🙂

  160. I would buy a package of pull ups, just to put away cause you always always need diaper s, but with the rest I would get Van snacks for the summer road trips. There is always so much fun with the road trip snack and treasure boxes and I would be so excited to win my treats..
    My recent post May 18

  161. I would buy a fathers day gift for my best friend

  162. photomum says

    I would buy some ballet flats

  163. MY yard i love being out side and love my big yard,I could spend 10 card in my yard

  164. I would put it towards new sheets.

  165. clothes!

  166. Deb Dorrington says

    I would put it towards a Blu-Ray player!

  167. Crystal Q says

    I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our second – I'd buy something for the new baby and a little something for our first born. 🙂

  168. Linda A. says

    I need some summer clothes! 🙂

  169. Christina Murray says

    I would buy myself a nice piece of clothing.

  170. I would definitely raid Target's shoe department if I won! I snapped up two pairs for $35 the other day…
    My recent post Book Report: Wedding Night

  171. jennifer says

    I would be really selfish and instead of buying something for the kids, I would blow it on some of those super cute accessories…maybe a couple of scarves, hats or a fun purse!

  172. Tara Gauthier says

    I would buy some stuff to decorate our house

  173. I think I would put it toward a new comforter set. We could use one! 🙂

  174. Theresa Michalik says

    Clothes for my 9 year old son

  175. Meagan Pa says

    My kids really need new shoes and summer clothes!

  176. Something for my boys 🙂
    My recent post The Mommy Mix: Blogger Opportunities

  177. kelle017 says

    I'd get some maternity stuff.
    My recent post Bounce into Summer Giveaway

  178. Kelsey Russell says

    I would either use it towards groceries or something for my son's upcoming 1st birthday!

  179. I would buy diapers for my grand baby.

  180. I need some new towels

  181. Clothes.

  182. I would buy kitchen utensils.

  183. I would buy some new socks and bed sheets

  184. 3angels3 says

    I'd buy a new dress for my daughter!

  185. I would buy clothes for summer.

  186. stephy905 says

    I would buy some new summer clothes for myself

  187. I would buy some essentials like toilet paper and baking goods
    My recent post Toy Wars {Dear Best Friend…}

  188. Rosanne Robinson says

    We need a new micro wave, so would put it towards purchasing one :-).

  189. Viv Sluys says

    I'd buy some flip flops for all of my family and maybe a beach toy or two

  190. id buy a new bag to tote around all my summer essentials

  191. R. Chestnut says

    I would buy things like razors and other necessities that I despise paying money for. This would be free, therefore pleasurable.
    Thank you for the chance.

  192. I would buy my daughter some cute sandals !

  193. Using the GC, I would buy myself a new hairdryer! =D

  194. Tammy Dalley says

    I would buy new shoes for the summer!

  195. School clothes for my daughter.

  196. Sandra S says

    I would buy some new bed sheets

  197. I would buy groceries or something for my kids.

  198. Ted Kooper says

    i need socks

  199. Mary Laplante says

    New summer clothes for sure

  200. i'd buy baby stuff

  201. I would buy some great new summer clothes. I am always the last on the shopping list, so this would be something for me.

  202. I'd get myself some summer flipflops and some makeup
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  203. sarah sar says

    i will use it to buy new towels

  204. Holly C. says

    I would buy summer clothes

  205. I'f get a new maxi dress for me!

  206. I would buy some water toys for the kids 🙂
    Thank you!
    My recent post Recipe Recap #18

  207. Christy Martin says

    I would use it towards clothes. If that fails on that particular day, I would use it towards desk organization and office supplies.

  208. Heather A says

    I would buy new towels.

  209. Groceries and sandles for my kids

  210. Valerie Godin says

    I would buy some outdoor toys for the kids

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