Philly Chocolate Yummy Treat in Bed #PhillyChocolate

breakfast in bed

What is even better than breakfast in bed served by your man? Chocolate for breakfast!

Chocolate has always been my weakness. I love it as a dip, a spread and on its own. Now the NEW Kraft Chocolate Philly gives me a reason to have it fro breakfast.  My fave way is as a spread or with fruit dipped into it. With Chocolate Philly you get the dairy goodness of Philly plus the deliciousness of pure milk chocolate – with half the sugar and calories (per 1 tbsp. serving) of the other guys.

spreadSavings time!

If you have not yet had a chance to check out this yummy new breakfast food you can with a money saving coupon. As of May 21st, Chocolate Philly will roll out a coupon that can be downloaded from the Philly Facebook page.

I love to save money and know you all do too. So be sure to head over and get coupon when it is live. 

Challenge time!

Chocolate Philly has come up with a simple yet highly effective way to convince your guy/loved ones to serve you breakfast in bed. You work hard every day. So how about a delicious reward?

In just 3 quick and easy steps, your loved one(s) could be serving you Chocolate Philly in bed. C’mon – you deserve it! By using the power of social media and some friendly peer pressure, breakfast in bed with Chocolate Philly can be yours. Here’s how it works:

• Just post a Facebook status update that says something like “If I get 20 Likes, my sweetie(s) are/is serving me Chocolate Philly in bed. Help a girl out! Thank you!!”

• Your friends will start liking your post and put the pressure on.
• When your guy/family serves you breakfast in bed with Chocolate Philly,
take a photo and submit it to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada Facebook page.

Have fun with it and enjoy the yummy goodness of Chocolate Philly in bed

Find the new Kraft Chocolate Philly in groceries stores across Canada now. 


How would you use Chocolate Philly? Have a look opn their Facebook page for inspiration and more information


  1. My daughter is making some sort of cheese cake with this… I'm looking forward to it.

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  2. I just read Margarita's comment about cheesecake…I think I want that 🙂
    My recent post It’s Breakfast in Bed with Chocolate Philly

  3. mommyoutside says

    This stuff is sooooo good! We had it on bagels and topped with strawberries (think chocolate dipped strawberries) the other day and it was heaven!

  4. I would just eat it! I am a chocolate addict and love cream cheese!!
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  5. It is going to be fun to see the status update pop up. This is one new product which really took off!

  6. My boys love it! Fun treat

  7. We're loving it over at our house! So many different ways to enjoy it as well 🙂 I love that even my daughter, who has a peanut allergy, can eat it as well because she can't with many other chocolate spreads that have nut warnings. Tasty!

  8. hmm… I know it would be an amazing spread – but wondering if it would be a good shortcut for chocolate cheesecake?

  9. There are too many ways to enjoy! Mmm chocolate on strawberries with a croissant!

  10. WhispersInspire says

    I would make tortilla roll ups with banana and strawberry! YUUUMMMY! Also, the challenge looks FUN!

  11. I love it – I made a no bake cheesecake pie with it; but also enjoyed it as a fruit dip
    My recent post Ideas to entertain the kids

  12. MultiTestingMom says

    Mmmmm… Chocolate!!

  13. Maple Leaf Mommy says

    I don't need to be in bed to enjoy chocolate spread on um… anything. Yum.

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