Saving money on your bills


Lately if feels like we just get the bills paid and they are there and over due again. Nothing fancy either, just basic bills. Yesterday I got a call asking me when I would be paying my phone , internet and cable? I knew it was due and said this week, no problem. Then I asked how much we owed?

$248 are you kidding me? 

We have basic, sucks to even find anything to watch cable. Cable internet and PVR as well as home phone with unlimited long distance  ($20/month) hubs and I agreed we are hardly even inside during the summer so lets just cut it off all together.we also decided to pull back the options on our phone to very basic. we all have cell phone anyway and only have it for the kids. 

So yesterday I called my provider. we are with a small community provider as we are rural and can not get anyone else They kind of have us where they want us and we have no choice. 

So I called and gave my info. Then asked to have my cable cut off and my phone pulled back to very basic. The lady on the other end who I speak to monthly and knows it is sometimes tough to pay the bill says “Oh did you know about our new package?” 

Me “um, no. What package?”

Her “The new package that gives you EVERYTHING you have now and a few extra channels plus allows you to keep your phone as is for $85 /month”

Me holding back all kinds of swear words “Are you kidding me? Why would we not have been switched over automatically? What is the difference?”

Her “Just the price”

So of course I switched. I am now saving over $150/month/ Very grumpy nobody switched us or told us earlier. Kind of feel like they owe me for 2 months . But it is what it is. Looking forward to saving some money and getting ahead on some bills. Kids are happy the cable is still on as well. Sucks I had to be ready to disconnect though to save. 

So if your bills are adding up I suggest calling and seeing if there is anything they can do or a package that works better. Even the gas company is working out well offering us a monthly budget now. 

Who knew?

How do you save money on your bills?


  1. Teresa Claire says

    I cancelled our cable and home phone a few years ago. My daughter and I both have our own cell phones and it was my daughter Sara who suggested to do away with the cable because we rarely watch tv. We are huge movie girls so I don't mind renting the odd one and we have a large personal dvd collection of our own. My hydro, internet and cell combined is $70.00 approximately now. We are saving hundreds. Good For you for phoning…they have ways to keep you if you phone up. My cell was over $60 and when I called for a reduction I barely even opened my mouth when they started offering me something different.

  2. We had this happen with Internet. The costs were becoming really high, only to find out that they had a new plan that was way cheaper, AND better. I cancelled long distance on my home phone because I have unlimited long distance on my cell phone now.

  3. I've had the same thing happen with the cable company. Even bigger ones, as soon as you are going to cut it off, the deals come rolling out! LOL Not really funny, but in the end they all want to keep customers not lose them. I was just on the phone with Rogers today which is who i deal with for my cell phone. The bill was almost at $400!!!!!

    Constant dropped calls, calls don't even get through at least a few times a day, goes straight to voicemail. I believe I am in a huge dead spot since moving to the opposite side of the city and have been complaining about these issues for the last 5 months. There is a support ticket open and everything. Well today was my last straw. After not hearing back about the ticket that was open (they were supposed to send someone out to see if it was a dead spot I was in, fix it and credit me for the last 5 months of interrupted services.) I spoke with their collections department and she took %60 off my whole bill!

    So instead of paying $400, my total bill is now $160. I am happy with that. I will take discount. Hopefully they get someone out here to fix what's going on. That's another call I will be making tomorrow….

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