Spring is here. Shopping Deals Needed!

We are in full swing of Spring, finally! Nice warm weather and only a couple of months left of school for the kids.  Spring makes me want to get outside and like many others, organize and clean. Which is funny, because I am not a fan of cleaning 🙂 We started purging and organizing our stuff on the weekend. Started with the kids closets and dressers. Half way through and five bags of clothes later to be donated. I realized my kids are all in need of new clothes. They all seem to grow so much over the winter. This happens every year. 

So it is time to go shopping and refill their closets with shirts, shorts and more. Like any mom of four, I need a deal. On top of day to day clothes they also need shoes and swimsuits. This is going to add up quickly. Whenever I know I am going to do a big shop, like a seasonal wardrobe shop for the family. I look for offers and vouchers at MyDeals My Deals is the personalized deals and coupon codes website where you find deals you actually care about. Who doesn’t want to save money after all?

When I shop for the family, I need to cover a lot of ground. We have  a kindergartener and two teens. So there is a bit of an age gap. Where can I go to find everything we need without spending a fortune and a long time.  I have a few fave stores but they take a long time to cover. I much rather in and out, quick. Recently I discovered a few sites that are great for online shopping. Low shipping charges and many options for payments (like paypal) are attractive to me. Saves me time and I know I can save money with savings and discounts online at Superdry. Now I can get what we need online and save the mall for the teens and their friends. 

teens shopping


Now to just find an easy to use online store for my youngest’s wardrobe. This season the kids are into patterns, bright colours and brand names. Hope I can stick to my budget and maybe get something for myself as well. 

Next we move onto cleaning out the shed and getting my garden put in. I hope I actually have time to relax and enjoy this beautiful weather. 

What do you do when seasons change? Clean, organize, shop?




  1. Oh, I'm with you! I can't stand going in and out of a ton of shops … just trying to park at our local mall can put me in a bad mood. To add to this, my daughter does not tend to like many of the clothes that are "trendy" and therefore easiest to find. So, online shopping is my saviour as well. I especially like stores that offer free shipping and I try to always find a discount code for the checkout as well.
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