Spring Surprises in the Shed SCREAM!

We finally got around to taking down the Christmas lights at the front of the house today. Long weekend is here (official kick off to summer and all) So figured it was time. The morning was nice and both my girls were here to help me. We filled up two big boxes with the lights. Took them to the back of the yard to put in the shed. First I had to clear out the shed. 
I opened the shed and all the stuff we had asked the kids to put in there over the winter was just thrown in. I had to remove some boxes to add some. Luckily a few boxes were of stuff hubs needed for work. I put those boxes straight in the trunk and planned on taking them to him. One box of his stuff was huge. Very heavy and crushed. I figured I would empty its contents into two smaller boxes. 

I opened the kid

went to pout my hand in to pull out the contents and


There on the top of all of our stuff in this box was a white pile of soft material made into a nest. 

In the middle of this nest was 4 maybe 5 little pink wiggly bodies. 



My guess is mice.

No sign of mamma but no doubt she was not far away. 

I screamed as they kind of creeped me out at first lol And I was NOT expecting them there. 

I was loud enough my neighbour stopped in his tracks and turned around to see what was happening. I waved over ad told him all was okay 🙂

I called my girls over and my youngest who is loving all the life Spring brings was so excited. We covered them back over and left the shed. After school she took her brothers to look and there were only 2. I am hoping the mom took the others to a safe spot knowing we were there. 



The shed is far enough from the house that they are not bugging us. The dogs can not get at them either. We will give them a fighting chance. It was pretty awesome to see. 

Yes, it freaked me out.

No we did not touch them

We also found a baby snake today in the grass and a blue egg shell from a recently hatched bird. It was a pretty amazing day.

Our four year old was thrilled and printed off the pics to show her class. 


What have you found in your shed lately?



    I am so excited to hear that you just left them alone for mom to move away. I did this once with baby mice that I found(I did not know that they were mice at first either) and everyone thought I was crazy for leaving them alive, but I figured same as you they were not bothering me.

  2. Last summer I went to get the lawn mower out and a mouse ran out of the shed right at me. I screamed and ran into the house. Silly, because they're so small. But it still scared me. I just leave them alone. It was my fault for leaving grass seed in the shed.

  3. Oh my gosh that would so freak me out. Luckily I've found only traces of mouse nests and mouse droppings – no babies! My squirrels in the car last year was enough for me 🙂
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  4. Teresa Claire says

    I am glad that you are giving them a chance but oh my goodness I would have freaked! I would have screamed so loud that you would have heard me and I live in Victoria 🙂 Smart Mummy making such a cool bedroom for her little ones…Let's name them!

  5. Teresa Claire says

    My cat's name is Audrey Hepburn…that should give everyone an idea of where I am going with this! lol

  6. Hahaha too funny! I would have screamed too! Mice freak me out, but to see baby ones, they are super cute! I wouldn't mind them like this, sleeping. Not scurrying around! LOL Very cool:)

  7. tennille says

    A HUGE squirrel that freaks me out every time I go in. He stares at me in a "I could bite your face" kind of way that freaks me out. I knock now before I go in. He will usually take off out the back
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