The Most Patient Pets in the World

I grew up with pets. I’ve had hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs and fish and all of them have been companions, confidants and friends. I’ve loved them all in their own unique and quirky ways. I believe that my pets have taught me a lot about unconditional love, the importance of exercise and how to truly enjoy each day. My pets were the centre of my life.

Until I had kids…

Then, the poor pets were relegated to the bottom of the food chain in our house. They never did without but I can tell you in the first few months of having the twins my dog only got out for long walks when I needed to walk the babies to calm them, or a friend came by to take him out. But, no matter how quickly he was replaced as the centre of attention, he loved those babies from the moment they came home. He slept by their pack n’ play, he stayed up with us on those long nights when the boys wouldn’t sleep and he cautiously checked out anyone that came in the door. And, our old decrepit cat rolled with the punches. He loved to sniff the babies, but he never tried to jump in their cribs or any other strange cat behaviour with new babies.


Once the boys became mobile the pets learned to keep their distance. Like all babies they did a lot of poking and tail pulling for the first little bit. Then, they learned to pet softly and be kind to their pets.

Now, our cat and dog are our boys’ favourite play things. They chase them around the house, seek them out in their hiding places, hug them, pet them and love them. When we are away on vacation the boys ask about the pets and want to make sure they are okay.

No matter how many hours of ‘play’ with our kids, both our cat and our dog just take it. They never growl, hiss or bite. Instead they just keep coming back for more. I couldn’t ask for more patient and kind pets.

Lucky me, lucky boys, lucky pets.

Kerrie blogs at Family Food and Travel.  She is a mom of twin boys (born March 2010) who she often refers to as the ‘twinado’.  Kerrie loves, writing, travel, photography, and fabulous food.  Prior to kids, Kerrie was an avid reader and scrapbooker and hopes to one day return to those activities.  Kerrie once considered herself successful, that was until she attempted toilet training twins.



  1. Our kids are away at university for most of the time now, but when they come home, our beagle is the happiest dog in the world. I am trying to get him to figure out how to use Skype to see the kids, but he is still not very adept at it.

  2. Our dog, Sadie, was always so patient with my son. From day one, she was always watching over him. He's eleven now and she still sleeps in his room.

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