Wanna be Redhead

The last couple of days I have been getting ready for the TBEX travel conference in Toronto. This conference is next week and it will be my first “niche” conference. I do not consider myself a travel blogger, but I do like family travel. So I thought it would be a good conference to attend. while figuring out what to pack, who to meet and all that jazz, I noticed a few grey hairs.


Some may say we do not go grey , it is white. Whatever. Grey , white, blonde. It is not red. So the myth, yes myth that redheads do not go grey is false.

Anyway, I had a box of red hair dye here. I had picked up up with a FPC that was a bout to expire. Figured I would dye my hair and cover the grey. No sense going to a conference with the 5 grey hairs standing out like a big “I am 30 something ” sign on my head. Well, I have dyed my hair before. It usually does not take well. It is difficult to colour red hair.


Not this time.

This time it took. It took so well my hair is a bright fake red colour. A colour similar to Rihanna having red hair

I am so bummed. I hate this hair colour. It does not look natural at all. It stands out so much I am noticing people looking at my hair. If I was not a natural redhead it would most likely look cool. But it looks like I am a wanna be redhead. Looks like I was trying to go red and went wild and bright on purpose. 

Not happy. 


The box says 8 weeks of colour. I am washing it more than usual hoping it will dull down. 

Next time I find grey hair I am plucking. If it gets too bad I will pay a professional to cover the grey. 

I feel like I am mourning a loss. Mourning my beautiful unique hair colour. You may think I am exaggerating but I love my hair. well, loved it. Now I just am tolerating it and waiting for it to return to normal. 

Here is my natural colour



Three days after colouring it and many washes it is still bright and fake looking. 



Any tips or tricks to get the colour out faster? Have you had a bad dye job? I need to know to make me feel better lol Please share your stories 


  1. Ohmygod. I did the exact same thing yesterday! It looks exactly like your 'oops' hair colour. I don't like it at all, and am battaling with myself on whether or not I should go buy another box to try and tone it down, but Im afraid it will just make it look worse.
    Whatever. I'll keep it, it wont last forever.

  2. So sorry about your hair. Love the colour it was, but I bet you can rock the new one too!
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  3. Oh geez! I did that one time, too. I went to a salon and had them put in some highlights that were closer to my natural colour and then I just let it grow.

  4. tennille says

    I coloured my hair your after colour from brown and LOVE it. LOL. And my son who is a real ginger thinks it is cool mommy has red hair now 🙂 But on you I like your before colour

  5. Chandra O'connor says

    mix a bit of red in a light brown colour that will give you the more natural look. say if its equal colour to formula use mostly the brown then add 1/4 or the rest red you can get the proper colours at a Sally's store they are open to the public. Wella is a good colour and they have red accents, usually its example 1 colour to 1 1/2 formula

  6. Chandra O'connor says

    if you dont want to do a colour use sunlight dish soap it strips colour out fast or head and shoulders. seeing your hair is blondish I would use a med blond and and a touch of red to the colour but dont use ash blonde!

  7. happy hooligans says

    I'll bet it looks great, but I'm so sorry because I know how stressed I get when I'm not happy with my hair. 🙁 I do find that semi-permanent fades a lot faster than it says on the box, so with any luck (crossing fingers for you). I

  8. inkscrblr says

    Oh no. Can you hit the salon and see what they recommend. I have dyed my hair red and had it too red or too bright or too orangey even. I love the hair colour you have naturally too but I fully understand greys and hate them too. I am not ready to go grey yet thanks! I just do the same as you and wash it more than usual to dull the bright shades. See you this weekend!
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  9. lifesdetours says

    Back in high school I once tried coloring my hair red and it turned barney-purple. I was known as being a "punk" after that. Sorry…no tips though 🙁

  10. mommyoutside says

    Don't do a thing darling! You don't want to ruin your hair. Underneath that color you don't like your hair is still nice and healthy and happy. Unless you go to a salon don't start trying to "fix it". It will go away.

    The thing about boxed color is they don't make it for redheads so it's really hard to determine what it's going to do to your hair. I have yet to see a box that says if your hair is this color (red) this will be your result.

    When I ran to my stylist upset about a few greys we simply put in a few blonde highlights instead of coloring. The highlights blended right in with the greys. Problem solved!
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  11. I have found that when dying red any form of red it takes on the bright bright fake red looking and takes forever to wash out, however I have been dying mine purple for mermaid hair and it washes out super fast. Sigh.

  12. Sorry my fellow ginger,but sadly we have all done it….the truth is redheads aren't red,we are orange! As we get older we fade to some mousie color that we can't identify with and standing next to my 16 yr old daughter who's redhead hair you can see a mile away doesn't help….lmao. In America we have a product called oops hair color remover gets out color mistakes. You can get it at drugstores usually. If you want to try coloring at home send me a few photos and I can help you …I'm a licensed cosmology teacher in Pennsylvania USA and have been doing hair for almost thirty years…good luck…dmsweeney67@gmail.com

  13. BobbiJo Pentney says

    I hear you. Remember "sun in", that was a mistake for me, I turned a weird orange.

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