Can You Actually Holiday in Dalaman?

On the surface it may seem like a straight forward question with a straight forward answer. Alas, what is actually meant by Dalaman?

The instant assumption is that when talking about holidays in Dalaman, it is inclusive – and perhaps more importantly focussed on – the wider area; popular tourist traps like Olu Deniz, Marmaris and Bodrum.

But what about actually taking a holiday in the town of Dalaman? Is it possible? What is there to do?

So What Is There to Do?

Traditionally people dismiss Dalaman as merely the gateway to the treasures of the Turquoise Coast. Alas, whilst it isn’t a bustling resort of things to do and see, it is in fact a place where holidaymakers will find sun, sea, beaches and plenty of relaxation.

The jewel in its crown is the Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort and Spa, a five star hotel that offers its guests and visitors everything. Pools, restaurants, bars, entertainment and all of this just a short distance from the beach.

Yes, that’s right a beach. Dalaman’s Sarigerme beach typifies the Turquoise Coast, alas it is quieter than many of its brothers and sisters to the east and west.

The turquoise waters lap the soft sand beach, kept in pristine condition by the organisation, SARÇED.

The long stretch of beach, speckled by the many sun lounges is backed by a small selection of hotels, restaurants and shops. Therefore, anyone looking for somewhere with great sun and plenty of ways to unwind and relax might find a break to Dalaman is ideal.

Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort and Spa

Something a Little Different

Away from the traditional holiday offerings, Dalaman is also known for its large state farm. This is why people staying here and around Sarigerme will be treated to some excellent fruit, especially citrus fruits. The state farm plays a major role in the local economy.

The farm is worth a visit though. Set away from the coastline, it gives visitors a different perspective on the area.

So in Conclusion…

Whilst the small airport of Dalaman will be the main reason that most people visit this part of the world, there is in fact enough to do to make it a holiday destination in it’s own right.

The busier areas of Marmaris, Olu Deniz et al will naturally attract people but Dalaman and Sarigerme do enough to make holidays here possible.

In a lot of ways, holidays to Dalaman are for the more discerning holidaymaker.

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