Father’s Day Memories Remembered with Parker Pens

Parker Urban Premium EbonyFathers Day is approaching and many are clueless on what to give dad as a gift. Parker pens makes a unique gift for dads or anyone on your list. The quality and style are appealing to all types of dad. Some enjoy having their own pens to make notes, sign papers or keep for work. 

For 125 years, PARKER has created pens that redefine writing. And as handwriting makes a comeback, Father’s Day can be a great way to provide a gift that suits modern life, even for the man that seems to have everything.

The PARKER Urban is a cool, new generation pen that redefines modern writing and reinvents the rules. It combines ergonomics with art to give an unconventional bullet shape with perfect weight and balance.

The dynamic curved design of the PARKER Urban is enhanced with an asymmetric ciselé pattern. The ergonomic form offers a bold modern look and premium quality. The PARKER Urban includes a stainless steel nib and comes in a Parker gift box.

With a full range of models including fountain pen, ballpoint, and roller ball, PARKER Urban provides durability and flamboyance in a single pen. Where image is everything and quality is key, the Urban is an outstanding gift for men leading

The Parker Urban, along with many other models of Parker pens, is available at fine writing specialty stores throughout

Canada and at Reids, Basics, Wallacks, Novexco, Boutique Du Stylo, Le Parchemin, and Duly Noted. Prices range from $32 to $100, depending on the model of choice.


I was surprised how much my husband loves his pen. I think it has to do with the kids always losing the other pens and knowing not to take this one 🙂 



I have a Parker Urban pen to giveaway to one of my Canadian readers. Fill out the form below to enter to win . Good luck!


  1. They are beautiful and quality pens!!

  2. Darlene Schuller says

    I would love to win this as a gift for my step dad. His job requires him to do a lot of signing and filling out of papers, this is perfect for that hard to buy man!

  3. scott macmillan says

    I have loved Parker pens since I was a child.

  4. Victoria Ess says

    I would love to gift this pen to my deserving, hardworking partner.

  5. My hubby is finishing up his graduate degree and this would make a great gift!

  6. I'd love to win this pen as I need a good quality and stylish writing instrument for the house. I have too many bad pens around here!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Dayna Wilson says

    I want to win this prize because I was talking about how I thought a pen would be a really lame father's day present, and my husband chimed in with "Are you KIDDING? I would LOVE a nice pen. That would be amazing." So apparently I'm just a lousy judge of gift appropriateness 😛

  8. My dad has always been a huge pen enthusiast and collector (he collects all kinds, from wacky to sophisticated), and he is absolutely -never- without a pen unless he's sleeping lol He just loves them and I know this would put a huge smile on his face! 🙂

  9. photomum says

    My husband is a dinosaur,he dosnt use a computer,and writes letters to friends,
    I would love to win this for him.

  10. I would love to win this pen for my dad! He still writes letters long hand to his sister on the Isle of Man. He'd enjoy a good pen!


  11. Florence says

    I would love to win this pen for my husband who uses pens more than me.

  12. Edna Williams says

    I would love to win this as a gift for my dad.

  13. angela m says

    I would love to gift this for my husband. Who needs a good quality pen.

  14. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to give one of these to my dad!

  15. This is a very elegant looking pen. Great impression for hubby carries it to see client.

  16. I would like to win this because my husband would love it. He's often talked about having a really nice pen.

  17. Ashleigh says

    To give to my sweet fiance 😉

  18. candess phillips says

    I would like to win this because Parker Pens are beautiful and high quality. I would like to gift one to my husband.

  19. I'd love to win this for my husband 🙂

  20. Beth Gallinger says

    I'd love to win this for my Mom!

  21. Lorena H says

    I would love to win this because I enjoy using a great smooth pen for writing. If I won I may give this to my husband or keep it for myself.

  22. julie_bolduc says

    my hubby would love this pen for his work

  23. Tooth Fairy wishing for the win because she likes to write real snail mail and personal greeting cards etc!

  24. Colleen K says

    …My dad would love this pen !!!

  25. Heidi C. says

    My hubby loves nice pens so I would love to win it for him for Father's Day.

  26. Rebecca Moeller says

    I want to win this to give to my husband, I keep stealing his 🙂

  27. everytime I think I have a great pen it either does not work or it goes missing love to win. thankyou, ken

  28. Carrie Butler says

    I would love to win this for my husband. He is the father of two great boys!

  29. Jennifer L. says

    My dad has mentioned before that he'd love a really nice pen. This would be a great gift for him.

  30. It nice to have a good pen, so I'd like it for myself.

  31. I would like to win this prize as my husband would love it!

  32. He could use a nicer pen than that standard Paper Mate on his desk.

  33. One of the greatest reasons to have a good pen is that they are refillable! Less waste.

  34. such a nice pen and my son would love it for father's day

  35. lori butler says

    i truly enjoy writing with a terrific quality,and i know my husband would too

  36. belinda mcnabb says

    I want to win this prize because my dad deserves a really nice pen

  37. thejauntyloon says

    I would love to win this for my husband, who is always saying, "Has anybody seen my pen?" I'd be able to remember seeing a nice pen like this!

  38. Clifford says

    I would love to win to give it to my nephew who is graduating next month.

  39. Deb Dorrington says

    Would be lovely to win for my Dad because he loves to still write letters. Would make an awesome Father's Day gift.

  40. my husband writes in his journal daily so this would be awesome for him

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  41. Misty Rios says

    This would be a great gift for hubby

  42. I would love to win this parker pen for my hubby for a comfortable and stylish way to fill out papers and forms for his work.

  43. I love writing with a great pen.
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  44. Lee-Ann Sleegers says

    My DH would absolutely love this pen and use it whenever he was writing something at home. He has a similar high quality pen that he got years ago and it is never far from his reach.

  45. I would love to win this pen to try for MEEE!!!

  46. I would like to win this to give to my son for him to use at work.

  47. because my dad would LOVE this for father's day

  48. My boyfriend can use a decent pen.

  49. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to win the Parker Urban pen because it would make a great gift for my dad.

  50. Undomesticgirl says

    Because my grandpa would love it



  52. Cynthia C says

    I would be happy to be able to write with a quality pen.

  53. SweetPanda says

    I want to win this prize because it would be perfect for my dad since he still writes to people (he doesn't like email)

  54. nikki robak says

    I would love to win this for my dad

  55. fahlinstar says

    I would love to win because my husband and I really like nice pens. We are always fighting over them but I would let him have this one 😉

  56. Yan Deng says

    my dad writes a lot so this would make a great gift

  57. My husband would love this pen.

  58. chris hoey says


  59. Lori Bazan says

    I would love to gift my ex this amazing pen so he could use it for the child support cheques!

  60. I would love this pen to give it to my husband. He loves nice pens and has several that he guards from us. The first gift I gave him was a pen that he still has and that was over 30 years ago.

  61. SueSueper says

    I would like to win this because we've never had a good pen like this before. We usually buy multi-packs at beginning of the school year, then keep a few for ourselves. So this would be a nice treat!.

  62. natasha severson says

    i want to win it because i know my bf would absoutely love it.. he never gets anything this would be a great surprise for him!

  63. miainthewoods says

    I take a lot of notes, so having this pen would be great.

  64. I would give to my awesome Hubby Very deserving of a sweet pen like this

  65. I'd love to win the Parker Urban and give it to my father as a belated Father's Day gift 🙂

  66. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I would love to win these very good quality pens in honor of my Dad on Fathers' Day. He had a set on his desk for all the years he owned his mens' wear store and I don't know where they ever went.

  67. Nicole B says

    My husband has just started his own business and I think it would be a great good luck gift!

  68. Would be great for hubby to take to work!
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  69. Angela Mitchell says

    I'd love to win this for my husband for work.

  70. Elaine Buonsante says

    I'd like to win this for my best friend who grew up using Parker pens and swears that they are the best!

  71. I would like to win because it is a nice quality pen that I could use for work.

  72. dani marie says

    i have never owned a nice pen.


    dani marie

  73. Susan Little says

    my husband goes to work (stressful office) every day so that I can be home with our kids.
    I would love to give him something nice to take with him… 🙂

  74. Daniel M says

    for my dad!

  75. Christina Sparks says

    Because, my husband is tired of his pen when it stops working when it has plenty of ink. This would be great to give to my husband.

  76. Finally , a REAL pen that actually works , my new pal Parker .

  77. Mihaela D. says

    I would love to win this pen for my dad!

  78. This would be an awesome gift for my husband for work. Nice!

  79. Richard Hicks says

    I want to win this so that I have a high quality pen to use at work instead of the cheap ones

  80. Christy Martin says

    I would love to win it for my Dad. His birthday is coming up and there is very little that is "practical" and impresses him.

  81. Beautiful pen! I'd love to give it to my uncle for his 93rd birthday. He is a big letter writer.

  82. Because I need a new pen for work!

  83. Kimberly Hilbert says

    My husband says I steal his best pens. This could be a peace offering 🙂

  84. kristen m says

    I want to win because my husband just lost my favorite Cross pen so I need a nice new pen!

  85. Jennifer says

    I would love to win this for my home office. Good pens are hard to come by.

  86. Tracy Allen says

    It's such a cool Old School item I'm fascinated

  87. Laurie Cockburn says

    I would give this to my husband

  88. Michelle Tucker says

    I'd really like to win this for my grandfather. He's so hard to shop for, but I know he'd enjoy a nice pen.

  89. i would love to have a nice pen for hubby

  90. Janet Boyanton says

    I would use the pen at my office.

  91. Jannet Kwan says

    This is a pen with class.

  92. Wanda Bergman says

    I'd love to win because I do a lot of writing and love using nice writing instruments! This is NICE!!

  93. Karen Gonyea says

    I am always in search of the perfect pen 🙂

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  94. john hutchens says

    these are nice pens high quality and reliable.

  95. I have never owned a high quality pen and would love to own one. It looks really nice

  96. sandra travis says

    I'm not going to lie….I am a office supply junkie. I shop office supplies, just to see what there is new and I'm a sucker for expensive pens. I would keep it for myself!

  97. wendy Hutton says

    they are the best pen made

  98. Amazing

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