Giving feels so good. Thank you Pampers #PGMom

Giving really feels good. 

A few months back P&G gave all the P&G Moms the opportunity to participate in the Ding Dong Diaper ditch campaign, You may have seen it on the web? Bloggers placed baskets filled with diapers and bay items on the door step of unsuspecting moms to be or new moms. Then rang the bell and ran. They would then see the reaction and posted about it. It was truly a feel good campaign. I did not participate as I did not know anyone to gift diapers to. 

This time when they offered it they said we could donate to anyone, anywhere. 

I got excited. I knew a few places I would donate to. 

You see, I have had 4 children. 4 babies each at different stages of my life. Each time, diapers were a huge expense. 

My first child was born when I was a teen. I was still in school and clueless about life. I sacrificed a lot to get by day to day. Diapers were a huge expense When my second child was born I was married. we were starting our lives as a family and young. Again diapers were a big expense. Same with the third who was born two years later. Our youngest was born much later. We were financially better off. However she was our little surprise and I had nothing saved form the other kids. Suddenly our family was 6 and we had to buy all new baby stuff.  Diapers had changed a lot over the years, but they were still a big expense. 

I have always welcomed free diapers or diaper coupons. Diapers were one of those things I needed the brand name. Store brands never did the job and always leaked. Pampers were my go to brand. Plus I loved the smell of them (when fresh out of the pack) and they did the job the best for us.

A couple of weeks ago Pampers sent me 6 cases of Pampers swaddlers diapers to donate where I wanted, as I wanted. I opened one case and gave half to my delivery driver as he was collecting for a food drive. He was thrilled. Not usual for him to get a package when he is usually the one giving them. I also gave a few packs to a friend of mine who does baby baskets. She puts items in them form the dollar store, knitted items and coupons. She then distributes them through her community to young moms and moms who have little money. I gave a few packs to the local drop in centre for children and caregivers. There is a story time, play group and resource library  It is part of the Ontario Early Years centre. Moms who need the diapers can take what they need and have one less thing to worry about. I also sent some in to the local foodbank for those family’s in need. 

The rest I am leaving in the trunk of my car. I am going to be the diaper fairy. I am going to gift them to new moms and moms to be. I will be sure they are pregnant don’t worry lol I can not wait to see the look on their faces when I give them their diapers . It is going to be awesome! 

I think they will be thrilled. No matter what your situation diapers are like gold to new parents. 

It really feels good giving back. Thank you Pampers for allowing me to do this. It has been a rewarding experience. 


Disclosure- As a P&G Mom I receive products for my participation. All opinions expressed are honest and my own 


  1. Have fun!

  2. Carole Dube says

    Wow the gift of giving! I also like giving it make you feel so good.

  3. Katie Muir says

    I love, love, love that you gave some to the delivery driver. What an amazing way to pay it forward.

  4. How wonderful! I’m so curious…how did you get involved with this? I’m a christian and God has really been pressing on my heart to start a ministry to help new moms and to show them the love of God.

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