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I am constantly surprised how my children are all so different. Having four kids raised in the same house with the same parents you would think they would be more alike. well they are not. each one has their own likes, dislikes and their own personality. Each is very unique and I love talking about their differences. 

My children are all really great kids. I know every parents says this, but in my case it is true 🙂 They are thoughtful and generous and so happy. They are kind hearted and hardworking and truly great to be around. If you do not believe me, ask anyone who has me them before. When my first was born I was anti Pink. I was never a girly girl and wanted nothing to do with the colour. So when it came time to buying her stuff I would go for purple, blue, orange etc. These colours looked great on her and we had a lot of fun with it. I think this had to do with me knowing she was a girl while I was pregnant. Everyone gave me pink clothes and toys. it got to be a lot. 

After having two boys i was actually missing girly stuff. Everything was cars and dirt and dangerous. My boys love video games and sports. Everything in our lives revolves around soccer, hockey , track & field etc. It all depends on the weather and the season. Many years later when our youngest was born I was a lot older than when I had my first. I was excited about having girly stuff in our home again. I also was actually excited about PINK.

With no encouragement at all Pink is my daughters favourite colour. When given the choice she wants her stuff to be pink. She is known in our house as “the Princess”, and she loves jewelry and pretty things.  She is feisty and outgoing, she is shy and friendly. She is super sweet and rough and tumble. She is also very delicate and very much so a daddy’s girl. She can get whatever she wants from her dad and her siblings with a little smile. Not so much with me though lol .  I see some of my other children’s features and personalities in her and I see my husbands smile and eyes when I look at her. Yet people often say she looks like me. She is the only blonde in our family as well. She is her own person and she is a super kid. After all these years I can say we have pink overload in our house 🙂 But I am happy about it, I see pink and I think of her. I am excited to see how she changes over the years and what kind of teen she will be (since I have three right now) 



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