Last minute gift ideas for dad for Fathers Day

Just two days left until Fathers day and time is running out to buy a gift. I am always guilty of last minute shopping. I chalk it up to living in the middle of no where and not being in the city all the time. This is good, as it saves me money. But it also get bad as i run out of things often. Kids are lucky, all dad expects form them for Fathers day is cards, crafts and other home made goodies. When you get older, gift giving gets harder.

What do you get the dad that has everything?

Gifts that are good for dads are gift cards, tools, BBQ utensils and books. These are all inexpensive and thoughtful gifts. If your dad already has all of these, maybe it will be a bit harder.

With summer here and the warmer weather slowly sneaking up I can think of all kinds of good gift ideas for dad. Items to help with the lawn and garden are always welcome. Something to help with car maintenance or maybe something special for dad at home. 

A portable air conditioner is a great gift for dad. Something he can use all summer long. Dad can place it in any room he wants or take it to the cottage. Now that is a thoughtful gift. Dad can be cool all summer long. Only problem is he may not want to leave the house. 

Other gift ideas for dad are 

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Games
  • Clothes
  • collectibles

You know your dad best. I am sure whatever you give him he will know comes from love and will be totally happy. 

What are your gift ideas for dad?



  1. Thanks so much for the unique idea. I am also guilty of last minute shopping as well as never having a clue as to what to give the man who has little but wants nothing! Haha! Regardless, this great father of mine at age 74 still manages a huge garden every summer and I think the portable AC would be perfect for his basement hidey hole he takes breaks in, in between tilling and activities that would exhaust ME! Thanks again for a great last minute idea!

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