#MomFail Birthday Parties

Every few years I kick myself and feel just terrible about things I do as a mom. Today is one of these days. You see our youngest is 4 and goes to Junior Kindergarten. She loves school and loves her friends. She has been to one birthday party all year long and still talks about it. A few times she was upset that kids got invites to parties and she did not. 

Who wouldn’t be upset? Feeling left out sucks!

A few times she has told us she was invited to a party and we did not see an invite. I mentioned it to the teacher and she said “Birthday parties stress me out!”

You see there is a rule. 

In JK and SK if a girl has a birthday party she is to invite ALL girls in the cl;ass. If a boy has a party he is to invite ALL boys. This is to keep feelings from being hurt and everyone feeling like they are included. Unfortunately this does not always happen. 

So having been through the “I got invited to my friends party” already, when she actually didn’t I require proof. I want to see an invite. 

Last week my daughter came home all excited and told me she was invited to a party. She said all the girls were going. I looked in her bag and did not see an invite. So I explained to her that she was not invited and there would be plenty more birthday parties. Not to be sad and her friend maybe was not having a friend party. 

She was the away from school for one day. 

 A PD day another

And the weekend

Today I took her into her classroom and the teacher pulled out the library books from her school bag. Out dropped a birthday party invitation. 

Dated for June 1st


She was invited. I missed the invitation. I did not RSVP and my daughter missed the party.

The teacher said not to worry there will be plenty more parties. 

I can not help but feel bad.

I am THAT parent. 

The parent who did not have the courtesy to RSVP . The parent who told her child she was wrong and it was okay. 

I feel just terrible.

I called the number on the invite and explained why I had not called and apologized on the machine. Now to make it up to my little one.

I know in the big picture this is not the end of the world. I just feel really bad about it. With school it often seems like we are going one step forward, two steps back. Now because I missed this, this week we went three steps back.

Have you done a Mom Fail? How did you handle it?


  1. The same thing happened to me and my daughter in Grade 2, only I didn't find out about it until August when I was prepping her school supplies for the new school year. I found a birthday invitation stuck in a pocket that I never thought to check on the last day of school and it sat there all summer. I felt like crap because it was my daughter's very good friend at school and I had no idea. I did the same as you and called the parents when I found it and apologized. Now I check ALL pockets every day lol.

  2. My son got invited to a birthday party and I called and called and they didn't answer. I had to keep my son home from the party, and he was really upset, and told me his friend was upset too. While I feel terrible, these things happen. It's a minor blip, we have to just pick up and keep going.
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