Movie Maniacs – Perfect Summer reads for the Movie Lover in your Life @DKCanada

I enjoy a good book. I always have. My kids have struggled with reading, especially my boys. we had a great teacher a few years back that changed that. The teacher said it did not matter what they read as long as they were reading. 

Read magazines. 

Read owner manuals

Read signs

Read books

Just read

This made sense. Who decided that we all had to read novels to read? 

So I started getting my boys books they loved. Books about How to and books with big descriptive pictures. 

When I saw the Movie Maniac Boutique I knew my boys would be happy. They love movies and they love books with big, colourful pictures. I chose books that I knew would interest them. I picked Monsters in the Movies for my 13 year old and Star Wars The Clone Wars for my 15 year old. I also picked Monsters University for teh family but mainly me because I have a weakness for all things Disney 🙂 

movie maniac books

Whether you love Disney princesses, superheroes or Jedis and droids, DK’s Visual Guides, Essential Guides and Character Encyclopedias are the perfect way to bring the excitement of your favourite movies home. Full-page profiles of characters, behind-the-scenes information and page after page of fantastic amazing photographs and images from the films make each of these books a must-have for any film fan!

jedibondSee the bright pictures and they are big. My kids love them! each page talks about characters, story line and more

I never knew there were so many books based on movies. Not only movies for kids, but grownups as well. New movies and classics. Check them all out at the Movie Maniac Boutique for yourself.

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