P&G Fathers Day Gift Bundle


We have another great giveaway for Canadians to enter for Fathers Day . A  fabulous grooming pack full of everything dad needs to look his best from P&G Canada

The package includes

  • Old Spice Wild Collection Body Wash – $4.99
  • Old Spice Wild Collection APDO – $4.99
  • Old Spice Wild Collection Body Spray – $4.99
  • Old Spice Wild Collection Spray Cologne – $8.99
  • Braun CruZer HD Trimmer – $24.99

Dad will love to look and smell his best with these items. Enter for your chance to win below. Canada only


disclosure- P&G has generously contributed the prize for this giveaway. Emails collected and information will only be used for shipping purposes. You will not be contacted directly. 

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  1. Deborah H says

    My fave Father's Day Memory iwas the year that my first child was born 🙂

  2. My favourite father's day memory is making home-made cards for my dad.

  3. Wayne Lecoy says

    Please enter me in your P&G Fathers Day Gift Bundle Giveaway
    It would be great to win these Old Spice products and Braun CruZer HD Trimmer.
    In response to your question of What is your favorite Father's Day memory?
    My favorite Father's Day memory is every year that i spent that day with my father.
    My father died 13 years ago and i used to cook him breakfast and give him Old Spice After Shave every year.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  4. Angela Mitchell says

    My husbands first Father's Day was a special day.

  5. valerie godin says

    My favorite father's day memory is baking my dad's favorite dessert for him.

  6. Lee-Ann Sleegers says

    The year my niece called my husband grandpa by mistake then kept using it.

  7. My real memories to recall, Fathers Day back in Britain was not a celebrated event

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  8. Deb Dorrington says

    I don't really have a favorite Father's Day memory because my Dad always makes us feel so special on Father's day. He always makes a fuss over what we give him, even when we were just kids and gave him homemade cards and those ugly ties..lol Dad always wore them to work and my looking back they were ugggggly..Every year is special for me, because of Dad.

  9. Just watching the kids dote and play with him on Father's Day

  10. My hubby experiencing his first Father's Day and getting excite about snuggling our baby.
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  11. Clifford says

    One of my most favorite Father's Day memory is when my father and I cooked dinner for my mom and wife. It was a full roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, greens, yorkshire pudding and neither one of us can cook that well. We decided though it was Father's Day we wanted to cook together to show the ladies in our lives that we could do it. Gravy is very difficult to get the right consistancy let me tell you. Dad and I had a blast though and we even cleaned up the kitchen after.

  12. Dayna Wilson says

    I don't really have any exciting father's day memories, because I unfortunately grew up a long way from my Dad. We always had a great phone chat, but that's about it. Luckily I live much closer to him these days, and I get to visit with him pretty often- though not usually on father's day. We just went on an epic road trip together with my son, though!

  13. Any day with my dad is great seeing as I live too far away now. Making breakfast in bed for dad is a fave memory

  14. I don't have any favourite moments, but I wish my dad was still with us to help make memories.

  15. Doris Calvert says

    When we all went out when my grandpa and dad were both alive and we would go on wiener roasts at Elk Island park where they have buffalo roaming free and swimming, cool provincial park

  16. Debbie Kennedy says

    My daughter made a handprint in clay for my husband and she painted it for daddy for father's day

  17. My favorite memory was always making stuff for my dad. And seeing the joy on his face opening the gift up.

  18. My favourite father's day memory is going fishing with my dad

  19. rlee1950 says

    my fav is when I gave Dad a BBQ and he said "you should of just gotten my a box of cherries". Next year I did that, lol

  20. Road to see NKOTB with my Dad when I was young!
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  21. lori butler says

    having a bbq every year

  22. Nena Sinclair says

    When I was a kid, on Father's Day, we would all pile into our car (we had a huge family and no seatbelts back then!) and my Dad would take us out for a car ride and then for ice cream. Simple, but it was a big deal back then!

  23. The first Father's Day with our son.

  24. Hmmm, I would have to say the one last year. After almost losing my Dad to a blood clot that same year, it's probably the one that meant the most. It sure makes you appreciate things and what's really important in life!

  25. Leanne M says

    my husbands first one after our daughter was born – it was a very special fathers day

  26. Dad took us to watch Disney Robinhood (our first movie out) & had dinner out.

  27. julie_bolduc says

    fishing with my dad!!!!!!

  28. A few years ago when my Dad was recovering from his 3rd fight with cancer and the smile and will to live as he looked at his granddaughters. At one point he had given up but I know they gave him the strength to keep going.

    Love you Dad.

  29. My favorite fathers day memory is having a family breakfast in the morning. One year we went on a trip think we went to Niagara Falls.

  30. photomum says

    i allways made something homemade.

  31. Making Fathers Day cards and gifts for My Dad when I was in school …He still has some cups and ashtrays I made lol

  32. We celebrate By having a BBQ for Our Dad at My Sisters

  33. Karry Knisley says

    Picnic up at the Falls

  34. we sip some fine Scotch and give each other a firm handshake.

  35. missbobloblaw says

    Our Fathers Day always (ALWAYS!) involves a BB-Q!

  36. Andrea Williams says

    We usually have a special meal and a gift for my husband. I would love to also spend the day with my dad, but he lives far away so will have to call instead.

  37. We celebrate it with a family meal together. Nothing too fancy.

  38. For fathers day we try to have a "father-daughter" date since I am an only child 🙂 Its always different but we are always together
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  39. by having a special dinner together

  40. sylvia mollison says

    Dad gets breakfast in bed – made by the kids…and just hang out the rest of the day – movies, games….

  41. Viv Sluys says

    For father's day my husband normally goes mini golfing with the kids and we go out for breakfast before church

  42. We celebrate fathers day by getting together with the entire family and enjoy a nice dinner together as well as give my father/hubby a well deserved gift from me and the kids to show our appreciation.

  43. Undomesticgirl says


  44. Dinner and shopping. The rest of the day we come home and watch tv together as a family:)

  45. Presents, cards, breakfast in bed and lots of love!

  46. We do different things. This year we will be spending it in Toronto. 🙂

  47. venessa b says

    go fishing with dad

  48. We spend Father's Day by visiting both Dads and all our relatives.

  49. natasha severson says

    we're going to the sister in laws and having a big family bbq

  50. Wanda Bergman says

    We always go out to eat together, as a family, in a nice restaurant.

  51. With cake

  52. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    We get together and have a nice family BBQ.

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