Recycling Movies, Games and more


Every year a new game comes out, a new system or a new form of media. as a parent it gets really expensive and constantly buying the newest and greatest thing for my kids really adds up. It isn’t always just stuff for the kids either. we went out and bought all the new releases of DVDs a few years back and have been growing our collection quite nicely. then, along came Blueray players. We got a Blueray and a HD Television and love it. Sad to say our DVDs to not get watched very often anymore. 

Yes, I know Bluerays will play DVDS, but the Bluerays have so many great features we often like to buy those. 

Movies are not the only thing this happened with. 

We all started with cassettes and records then went to CDs. Remember CDs? If I say CD to my children they look at me like I am nuts. Everything these days is digital. Everything they listen to can be bought online and downloaded. 

So what do you do with all the CDs, and DVDs and games you have from before? Do you give them away? Do you sell them? Maybe you are crafty and you make coasters out of them? If you are like me you would want to get something for them so you can use that money to buy the new things your family wants. I trade in or sell DVDs for Bluerays. I sell the old CDs and use the cash for gift cards for my kids.

There is also the opposite end. Our car plays CDs and we sometimes have a hard time finding the music my husband likes to listen to. So we shop around and often buy used to keep the car stocked. 

We have started to keep a box for the family to put their items in they want to sell. I have found an easy to use site to sell my old games on. The box is filling up quickly and the kids are excited to use the money for new games, movies and what have you .

What do you do with old music, games and movies?

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