SUBWAY® Spinach and Avocado Launch

We (my almost 2 year old son and I) just got back from a super exciting launch (and lunch LOL!)  at one of my most favourite restaurants, Subway!  With all of its amazing menu choices, it has always been a number 1 eatery for my growing family of 5.  And now, it has even got more yummy and healthy with 2 new fresh tasty toppings to add to the sub of your choice.  Drum Roll please!   Subway now has AVOCADO and SPINACH for a limited time, just in time for summer, starting June 1st, 2013.

When I first got to the launch, I met up with Kathleen Bell, director of national marketing for Subway restaurants of Canada.  She was super excited to be introducing a new way for Canadians to take their meal to a more exciting and satisfying level by adding spinach and avocado to any of their specialty sandwiches, salads, or even breakfast sandwiches.  She presented me with an apron, and let me know that I would soon become a Subway sandwich artist, with the help of their renowned executive chef, Chris Martone. 

So, I slipped on my apron, washed my hands, put on my Subway gloves, and got ready for my grand lesson in Subway sandwich making 101.  Chris Martone, with 14 years at Subway corporate headquarters in Milford, Connecticut, has brought about many of the exciting menu choices at Subway, such as the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub. He was enthused over these new menu choices which he was introducing chain wide, “I love the versatility that avocado and spinach offer individually or together, they make a wonderful compliment to a wide variety of our sandwich and salad offerings, giving our customers two new healthier options to choose from.”

 with Chris

I decided that I was going to go all out with my sandwich, and try both toppings for myself.  I chose to make a turkey and bacon sub, and at Chef Martone’s suggestion, I decided to add cheddar cheese, spinach and tomato, and then toast the sandwich, so that the spinach would become softer to the taste.  After the toasting process, I added two big scoops of mashed avocado, which I now understood is a great healthy replacement to mayonnaise, lettuce and again at Chef Martone’s suggestion, I tried the Chipotle Southwest sauce for an added zip.  TA DA!  My new subway sandwich was created, the AVO TURKEY CHIPOTLE SUB.


Before I got to chow down on my Subway masterpiece, I also got to meet up and take a photo with Subway Canada’s “Commit to Fit”  ambassador, Carl Savard, who now is a personal trainer, and attributes both exercising and eating healthy at Subway while away from home, for helping him lose 100 lbs in 10 months.  His story was both Inspirational and Amazing. 

 with Carl

I have to tell you, that just thinking about my Subway sandwich again makes my mouth water, and I find myself getting extremely hungry.  It was absolutely delicious!  My only regret was that I added too much avocado, and had to use quite a few napkins to wipe off the excess amount on my face, but don’t judge me too harshly, it was my first attempt at making a Subway sub sandwich after all.  Oh yeah, and my little guy loved the sub as well, and of course his chocolate chip cookie.  YUM!

What is your fave Subway Sandwich?



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  1. Oh I love avocado, turkey and chipotle – that must have been sooo yummy!!
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  2. I have been seeing the commercials for the avocado subs & I am also dealing with a watering mouth. They look sooo good!

  3. My favorite sub is the chicken bacon ranch melt !

  4. we were just at subway last night and I saw they had those options. neither one really appeal to me but I love that they are adding new things and being creative!
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  5. I have to admit, I too love the commercial. I don't think enough fast food restaurants offer avocado. It is so good for you and yummy.
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  6. I love the Chicken Teriyaki or Roasted Chicken Breast sub, whole wheat! 🙂

  7. mapsgirl says

    I've heard the commercials on the radio! I'm looking forward to trying these new healthy additions!
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  8. My favourite is the Subway Melt – turkey, ham, bacon and cheese.

  9. I wish I could agree, but I find at least eastern Canada that I have seen makes it seem unsanitary and I know longer can eat there….No matter how superior the ingredients it is the care in those ingredients and put towards customers that matters

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