Summer Designs to Spruce Up Your Home

Summer’s here and millions of people across the nation are adjusting their dreary, winter decor and going with a much more lively theme that better reflects the season. Known for it’s light, sunny colors and and simple design, Summer home decor has been gaining popularity over the past few years.

If you’re ready to hop on this red, hot home decor trend, here are a few simple ways you can spruce up your home for the Summer!

A Room With A View

The great thing about Summer decor is that it can work with almost anything in your home, no need to buy exceptionally extravagant furniture or even remodel your room proportions. Use what you have! Light is a very important element in this style, so if you have any large windows in your home, create a furniture or seating perimeter near the window in order to give everyone a view of the exteriors. Your glass panels are a necessity -make sure to add some style to your windows.

It’s extremely important to have “light” control in your home with either blinds or curtains (cheapest alternative). You may buy quality, stylish rods for curtains at the Bed Bath Store and install them over your windows to gain control of the amount of sunlight in your home.


Colors for All Seasons

Sure, Summer is known for it’s whimsical hues of yellow and pink pastels (known as hot colors), but does that mean you should store all your blues, greens and grays (cold colors) for Winter decor? What makes Summer colors so captivating is that anyone can use any color on the chromatic scale, however, color tone is extremely important.

If you want to re-paint a room or even your home, feel free to use any light-colored hue of the color of your choice. If you want to use blues, greens and grays, the Coastal look could be just what you’re looking for. Inspired by seafoam-colored waves that and green, coastal fauna, the Summer coastal look is a great way to incorporate colors once thought of as Winter colors into Summer decor.

Nature Vs. Nautical

Two ideal decor paths to take during Summer (especially if you live near the coast) are: nautical-inspired decor (heavy emphasis on blues and grays) or the natural look (emphasis on earth tones, pastels and greens). 

The nautical decor involves open space, a little bit more uncontrolled lighting (large, open windows and lamps), sea-inspired colors, wood and rustic-themed furniture and the blurring of the perimeters of the spaces in your home (ex. dining room and living room are as one) in order to create more open space. 

The natural look involves minty, leafy and sunny colors, incorporations of fresh plants as centerpieces to your home decor, the heavy use of linens, a “light” controlled environment and sectionalized, open spaces.

Summer Accessories

You can’t have have Summer home design without home accessories! A trendy accessory idea for this coming Summer are the use of Chinese garden seats as furniture in your home. They can be used for almost anything, end tables, footrests, coffee tables or even as extra seating for guests. 

Mirrors are also very important to have during Summer, so add a few around the house to add a little bit more light. It’ll also give the illusion of larger interiors. If you want you home to be vibrant with natural color, add a few bouquets around home your. They’ll make your home look and smell great!


These Summer home fashion tips are extremely easy and cheap to recreate in your home, but if you want your home to have a specific Summer look, feel free to take some creative freedoms. Just remember, designing your home in the Summer style requires careful attention to light control, color hues and open space. Once you have these basic principles down, you’ll be ready to spruce up your home for Summer!


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