Summer Fun at Canada’s Wonderland Win Tickets for the Family (CAN)

Kids everywhere are getting out of school and starting their summer holidays. Family’s are looking for affordable fun entertainment and exciting new memories to create.  When we are looking for a fun filled day as a family our go to place is Canada’s Wonderland. We go a few times a year and are always so glad we did.  Each one of the kids has their fave ride (including the big kid) and we all love the entertainment and food. It is a great experience. This year we have already started planning a visit. The kids are very excited and just can not wait 🙂

cw_arch_out_4c (1)

No matter what your family is into I will bet Canada’s Wonderland will have you covered. 


Leviathan – The park’s 16th coaster, is a great ride for thrill seekers. 

Height: 306 feet (93.3M)

Angle of Descent: 80 degrees

Top Speed: 148 km/h

Track Length: 5486 feet (1672M)

It is the Tallest & Fastest coaster in Canada. 

Dinosaurs Alive:  At Dinosaurs Alive guests will be awed as they interact with 40 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs set in a 7-acre themed environment.  This first class interactive experience includes a gigantic Ruyangosaurus towering at 42 feet (12.8M) tall, and a vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex at over 60 feet (18.3M) in length.  The journey is highlighted by a kid’s paleontological dig site where guests will be encouraged to help uncover the skeleton of a large predator that lies buried in the sand. A fabulous attraction for the family.


Canada’s Wonderland,  also features Splash Works – a 20-acre waterpark, 2 fantastic kids areas – Planet Snoopy & KidzVille, 68 rides including 16 roller coasters, over 200 attractions and so much more. 

Canada’s Wonderland is one of those gems located in Ontario that many people travel to every year. I am always surprised how many local Ontario family’s have yet to go. It is really fun for all ages. 

Have you been? 

Tickets can be purchased online, at the gate or even at stores you shop at daily. They even have a convenient layaway plan that takes paypal 🙂 

Giveaway time!
I have a family pack of tickets (good for any date up to 6 people) to giveaway to one lucky reader. So if you have 4, 5 or 6 people in your family, do not worry. We have you covered.  Open to Canada only. Best for Ontario residents. No transportation 


  1. I would love to watch Charlie Brown’s Jungle Journey show. I love Peanuts!

  2. I have visited but many years ago. I have not visited since planet snoopy opened.

  3. My daughter loves the liviathan! she went on it 6 times last time we were there and she was only 8 lol
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  4. mamabear6910 says

    It has been so long since I have been there…Last time I was there it was Hannah Barbera land or something like that.. Definately excited about taking my daughter for her first time to Planet Snoopy and Splash Works.
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  5. mrsbubsmith says

    I can't wait to take my 9 yr old on The Fly. He's finally worked up the courage to move past the Ghoster Coaster!

  6. mamabear6910 says

    I have been before but probably not for about 15 yrs.. I really want to go so my daughter can get a better feel for rides..last year she was too small for rides, this year she is taller so hopefully!! 🙂
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  7. Karen Williams says

    I am a thrill seeker so I would love to go on The Drop Tower.

  8. My family and I have never been but both my boys would LOVE Dinosaurs alive!!!! I would personally love The Fly!!

  9. My daughter loves the liviathan! she went on it 6 times last time we were there and she was only 8 lol
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  10. haven't been in over a decade … guess it's time again.

  11. Gotta go on Thunder Run every time we go! It's tradition!

  12. Speed City Raceway!! a great way for all the family to have fun racing each other LOL!!

  13. Went with my oldest niece (29) and her honey and my 12 year old niece and my 9 year old nephew last summer. We had a blast!

  14. Jennie Nickerson says

    I would love to test my courage and go on the Leviathan! It's been so long since I've been to Wonderland, and I'd love to conquer my fear of heights with that ride.

  15. Dinosaurs Alive!
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  16. Dawn Rader says

    my favorite ride was always timberwolf falls as a kid…I want to take my kids so they enjoy some of the rides like the leviathon.

  17. I have been to wonderland before, but it has been a looooooong time since I have been. I can't wait to take my boys for the first time
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  18. Dawn Rader says

    I have only ever been twice, once as a teenager probably 18 years ago and once when my kids were really small back in about 2007

  19. scooby doo haunted house is our favorite.

  20. Charmaine T says

    My children would go CRAZY for Dinosaurs Alive!

  21. The most exciting show for us would be to the Dinosaurs Alive for sure! But I also think the whole park would be an exciting adventure since our family has never been!

  22. I think the starlight spectacular would be neat to see!
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  23. Would love a chance to take the family!! Went there last year without kids and had a blast!!

  24. Wow..we suffered a financial disaster and have not been able to take the grandkids anywhere like this and their parents cannot afford it. It would be so awesome to win this! Thank you!

  25. Lisa Robertson says

    Love Leviathan, First ride I would go on 😉

  26. Theresa Michalik says

    I have never been and I would like to try The Fly, looks like a lot of fun.

  27. Joce Lyne says

    i want to see Dinosaurs Alve!

  28. Kristen Draper says

    I can't wait to go on the Leviathan. Whoppee!!! 🙂

  29. the new leviathan of course!

  30. We love Wonderland! Last month I finally convinced my eldest to ride both Behemoth and Leviathan after cowering in fear all of last year. The result…4 times on Behemoth and 6 on Leviathan! I was so proud of him for overcoming his fears.

  31. Sharon Painter says

    Have never been yet but love a chance to experience all of it !

  32. amanda faith says

    Want to try the Leviathan! I have really been wanting to take the kids there but it's a bit costly. 🙂

  33. amanda faith says

    I have been before, but not in about 5 yrs.

  34. With four kids, we can’t afford to go to Canada’s Wonderland often. The kids would love this,

  35. wanda macsween says

    Would love a chance to win these.

  36. my son loves the taxi ride in the kidz zone. he even puts his hands up 🙂

  37. krisdcampbell says

    liviathan is definitely the ride I want to go on!! Although, I love the Xtreme Sky lyer too – and am begging my husband to join me on this! I haven't been able to get to Wonderland for a number of years now and am always so jealous when I hear of other ppl going! I now have a 2 yr old who LOVES rides at local fairs, so I'm definitely hitting up the park this Summer :-).

  38. My family would love to see Dinosaurs Alive!

  39. kim D'Angelo says

    I haven’t been in years. And my kids have never been. I am honestly excites for each and every ride!

  40. I want to try the Leviethan, I also like the bat ride.

  41. After reading your post I think I would most enjoy the Dinosaurs Alive – and so would my girls!

  42. I haven't visited Canada's Wonderland for YEARS! My Mom used to take my brother and I when we were younger, but I have never taken my own girls.

  43. this sounds like so much fun!

  44. Kelly Gordon says

    I'd love to go on the ride " Flight Deck" … Woohoooooooooo

  45. Kelly Gordon says

    I have been once before when I was in high school :0

  46. Plan on taking kids for first time july 8 🙂

  47. Shelley N says

    I love the Vector so I would definitely go on it.

  48. nicoleroannef says

    Leviathan is definitely at the top of my list!

  49. Deanna Danaf says

    SPLASH WORKS!!! I've been a ''fish in water'' since I was born and my son is the same way too so i'd love for whole family to go and then he can go to kiddyland and mommy can spend money trying to win a big teddy bear at those ridiculous games!

  50. I would love to ride the Ghoster Coaster.

  51. I like the lazy river

  52. SueSueper says

    White Water Canyon is my fav.

  53. the kids love the leviathan

  54. Janie Boots says

    Awesome contest definitely perfect when there is 5 of us

  55. i want to go on the Backlot Stunt Coaster
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  56. i have been there before but not since 2009
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  57. michelle tremblett says

    Leviathan all the way 🙂 family fav !

  58. Anu Chopra says

    My boys would love to see Dinosaurs Alive!

  59. Crystal Q says

    I'd love to say the swings, but at 34 weeks pregnant I feel I should be more honest and say Beaver Tails!

  60. Elizabeth Hunter says

    Your great thanks for the chance for some family fun!!!! I am a single parent and have taken my kids a few times but since there are more of them than me sometimes hard to do!!! Good luck everybody!!!!! 🙂

  61. Elizabeth Hunter says

    My kid enjoy anything that makes me scream at the top of my lungs and that is just about everything there other than the Dora ride lol !!!! Good luck everybody have a great summer 🙂

  62. michelle says

    I love the Bat – i could rife it all day and this year my sons big enough to ride as well

  63. Leigh-Ann Muphy says

    Amazing contest leviathan is awesome!

  64. Shirley E says

    I love the water park. The water slides are great and I love the lazy river!

  65. Dinosaurs Alive looks like a great attraction – my grandson would love this!

  66. I would love to see the mew dinosaur section of wonderland!

  67. I'm not much of a thrill seeker. The Lazy River is my speed 🙂
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  68. I visited wonderland 2 years ago but because I had a newborn wtjh me I did not go on a lot of rides

  69. I have been only twice…once in high school with my parents and siblings….second with my foster children…both memorable moments

  70. My son would LOVE to see Dinosaurs alive!

  71. jeff cook says

    roller coasters,my favorite

  72. ameirah t says

    loved bohemoth,, cant wait for leviathan…

  73. The Barracuda blaster looks like something that might be fun, I better wear short because you know what happens to suits bottoms, yep they ride the

  74. I haven't been there but if I win, I'd go for the Leviathan!

  75. Definitely the water park !

  76. The kids would love to see dinosaurs alive, we have never been!

  77. I am most looking forward to see the Starlight Spectacular and Charlie Brown's Jungle Journey since they are new for 2013!

  78. Deanna Carney says

    Would love to see teh Cirque Ambiente show, the action is so entertainign to watch.

  79. for Dinosaurs Alive!

  80. scott macmillan says

    The Leviathan.

  81. julie_bolduc says

    starlight spectacular sounds fun!!!!!!

  82. mommakoala says

    I would like to check out the Dinosaurs Alive.

  83. mommakoala says

    It has been years since we have been there. I love it there.

  84. Victoria Ess says

    I love rollercoasters, so I'd love to ride the Leviathan!

  85. rebecca K says

    Definitely want to try leviathan!


  87. i am hoping to go to canadas wonderland in august for my nephews bday!!!!! cant wait!

  88. I've been a bunch of times before, but now my kids are finally old enough to attend, too…can't wait!

  89. Rose Holloway says

    The Leviathan :O

  90. Rose Holloway says

    I've never been to Wonderland but am looking forward to it 😀

  91. maybe one of the kids rides like taxi jam so the whole family can go together
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  92. I've been a few times as a kid, the last time was probably highschool
    My recent post ABC Friday – X is for…….

  93. Splash Works

  94. Visited there about 10 years ago

  95. KellyH905 says

    I can't wait to see Wonderland this year!! Crossing fingers for these tickets, as our large family can't go usually!

  96. KellyH905 says

    We have visited Canada's Wonderland before! Last time about 2 years ago 😀

  97. Youhoo, thats an opportunity to bring my pack!

  98. The Fly is my boys favourite, because it makes me scream!!!!

  99. Love the Leviathan best ride at wonderland!

  100. Heidi C. says

    My kids would love Dinosaurs Alive!

  101. Heidi C. says

    We have never visited Canada's Wonderland but would love to!

  102. tara Crawford says

    dinosaurs alive

  103. Tara Crawford says

    I havent been since i was a kid however would love to take the kids and go

  104. I gotta try Leviathan.

  105. I was last at Wonderland two years ago, I've been about five times so far.

  106. Def love Dinosaurs Alive. My toddler is big enough to enjoy it this year and am excited to take him through. He loves Dinosaurs and this is perfect.

  107. Sarah Miller says

    I want a funnel cake!!!!

  108. hoping to try the leviathan, loved the behemoth

  109. We are a family of 7 so this would make it SOOOOO much easier to go 🙂
    We went last year and my younger 3 LOVED the spooky house in the kid area!! And my hubby and older 2 LOVED the Behemeth!!

  110. Caroline D says

    We go every year and love it! My boys LOVe the Back Lot Coaster, and my yongest loves hanging out in Snoopyville 🙂

  111. We haven't been in years and have never taken our kids. They would love the dinosaur show… They could probably name every one. 🙂

  112. Katharine W says

    Dinosaurs Alive because my daughter seems to finally be interested in something other than Dora.

  113. flight deck is awesome

  114. Dinosaurs Alive sounds interesting. I would like to visit Planet Snoopy also.

  115. we have not been to canadas wonderland in years and if i win the tickets, i would love to go on the drop tower.

  116. I have visited Canada's Wonderland a few years ago before Planet Snoopy was built.

  117. Viv Nguyen says

    I love rollercoasters, I'd try the Leviathan or the Behemoth!

  118. Viv Nguyen says

    I've never been to Winter Wonderland. Maybe one day I'll go.

  119. Teri Barber says

    I really want to try the Leviathan. And me little man would enjoy the dinosaurs alive

  120. Teri Barber says

    I was there last year for the Halloween Haunt. I plan take my little man for his first time this year.

  121. I want to go on the Leviathan!

  122. My son would love to see dinosaurs

  123. Leviathan! Hands down! Cannot wait!

  124. the Leviathan! i would also love to take my kids to the kiddy land of course! this would be awesome for my family of 6! 🙂

  125. I went towards the end of the season last year for the Halloween Haunt! Since then, I can't wait to go back.We've decided to make it a yearly trip! Sooooo much fun!

  126. havent been since i was a kid!

  127. I loved Klockworks when i was younger and i cant wait to take my daughter on it!

  128. Jessica J says

    I want to try shockwave!

  129. sabrina worrall says


  130. I am most looking forward to kiddy land with my two young girls 🙂

  131. I haven't been there since my kids were little so I would definitely head for the bigger rides, especially the Leviathan!!! My kids would LOVE that!

  132. I have visited once, 5 yrs ago, this will be the year my kids can ride all the rides!!!

  133. stefanie Haluk says

    I love the fly.

  134. Karin Dollery says

    Definitely Dinosaurs Alive ! Very excited to see that

  135. Laurie Cockburn says

    I'm looking forward to the Leviathan

  136. Laurie Cockburn says

    I haven't been in about 7 years. I have 5 children under 11. Things get a little pricey when we go out as a family.

  137. Let the fun begin!

  138. Shelley Russell says

    would love to win wonderland tickets. good luck all!

  139. Kelly Bowron says

    I would love to go on the antique carousel with my daughter,

  140. planet snoopy

  141. Kelly Bowron says

    I have been to Canad’s Wonderland before but it would be nice to go again with all 5 of us as a family,

  142. We always have to go on the White Water Canyon, it's tradition! Come onnn!!!!

  143. marlenesmith953 says

    we have never been but i just looked at that rollercoaster and it looks like fun

  144. I would like to take my niece and nephew and i know that they both would love to see the dinosaurs alive!

  145. pat george says

    leviathan for sure

  146. I am most looking forward to the new Monsters of the Deep.

  147. it has been at least 5 years that I have been to Canada's wonderland. I would love to go this summer.

  148. Karen Hill says

    Would love to take my nephews to "Dinosaurs Alive"

  149. misty flynn says

    My Fave ride is leviathan

  150. misty flynn says

    Haven't been in a while too expensive now with the kiddies

  151. ronnerator says

    Maybe the Ghostercoaster with my toddler 🙂

  152. have not been in so so long — would love to ride the leviathan–but my kids are ride freaks and would go nuts if they got to go

  153. omg it has been years and years ( at least 10 or 12 years ) since I have been the Canadas Wonderland.. I have 3 older kids who we want to take there but as a family of 5 even with discounts its just too expensive

  154. I like Leviathan as one of my favourites…
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    I love everything at Wonderland, would love to just go be with my family and spend some good times together! Would be great to win this, thank you for the chance!

  156. Leviathan would be fun

  157. Kim Dougherty says

    Dinosaurs Alive would be cool!!

  158. Theresa Michalik says

    I have never been and will be when I win this draw…thank you so much.

  159. Cool

  160. sheila s. says

    Dinosaurs alive sounds like fun. Haven't been here since I was a teen. Would love to take the kids here.

  161. Lori Jackson says

    I havnt been in about 4 years

  162. Darlene Schuller says

    I wanna hit up the Splash Works Water Park, especially the Barracuda Blaster!

  163. Darlene Schuller says

    The last time I was at canada's wonderland, I think I was 14. I'm 42 .. I guess I'm way overdue for a visit. I lived in the states for over 10 years, returned to Canada about 2 years ago… I really gotta get up to Wonderland.

  164. cole mckinnon says

    The Fly is my fav.

  165. cole mckinnon says

    I did visit eons ago but would love to take my grandbabies.

  166. Marcella H. says

    I still love the Vortex – coming around the top of the mountain and dropping down!! Always turns my stomach inside out!

  167. Megan Barnecutt says

    The bat – my go to thrill coaster!

  168. Megan Barnecutt says

    I haven't been to Wonderland since Halloween Haunt in 2008!!!

  169. L/ Bragg says

    I have never been to Canada's Wonderland and would love to go!!

  170. tammy ta says

    cant wait to win and take my family on the ghoster coaster!

  171. bumper cars!!!

  172. Lindsay Plater says

    I have always loved Drop Tower, and Riptide is the best when it's hot out!

  173. Aaron Kippers says

    Wild Beast! LOVE the wooden coasters!

  174. Aaron Kippers says

    And yes, I've gone before. It's loads of fun if you bring some friends along! I haven't gone for a few years now.

  175. Lindsay Plater says

    Yes, I've gone before! I used to go every other year with my family when I was younger, but I haven't been now in a long time. It would be great to win!

  176. Celena Clause says

    Leviathan for sure!!

  177. I haven't been for years but my boys would be so impressed with me if I lived on the wild side and tried the Leviathan… so I'll try to work up the guts to do it. I can't believe I am such a chicken as an adult, I used to be such a daredevil as a kid and always the first on a scary ride lol. Thanks for hosting the giveaway 🙂

  178. My kids LOVE Wonderland. Unfortunately with my husband getting injured at work this yr we won’t be able to afford to go so they would LOVE to win this to at least go 1 time this yr

  179. Ted Major says

    My daughter is now tall enough to enjoy the rides. Would love to win tickets to go!

  180. Kayla Gilbert says

    I really like The Fly!

  181. I must go on Leviathan again! The most thrilling ride next to King Da Ka

  182. I am definitely looking forward to enjoying Calypso again! The spinning barrel ride on the right side of the park from the entrance.

  183. Holly Messana says

    I would guess I would like the white water canyon. I actually don't like rides, I have to be brave for my family, because they love them.

  184. BobbiJo Pentney says

    On a hot day like today, the white water canyon

  185. BobbiJo Pentney says

    It has been two years since the kids and I visited, now that the kids are taller they can go on a lot more rides.

  186. I have been to Wonderland many times before but would love to go again this year..

  187. Love the leviathan ride..its new and amazing!!

  188. Keri Horvath says

    I love timber wolf falls!!

  189. sylvia mollison says

    White Water Canyon is my fave!

  190. Laurie Harrison says

    The drop tower 🙂

  191. Lisa Robertson says

    We went this year for my work picnic, Had a great time but sure wish we had the fast passes!

  192. We had seasons passes last year and went a number of times. Sadly we can't afford to get them this year. Winning these tickets would be awesome!
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  193. Jeanette Jackson says

    First, Leviathan and then the Dinosaurs Alive/Monsters of the deep

  194. @CathyInCanada says

    I'm a wuss with rides, so if it isn't the Swam Ride in HB Land, then some Skee Ball gets me excited.
    My recent post Alberta Flood 2013

  195. I love the Splash Works but my kids loved the Xtreme Skyflyer

  196. I have been to Canada's WOnderland many times since the 1st year it opened and with my kids, parents, etc. Love it

  197. Karry Knisley says

    Leviathan and Timberwolf falls and white water canyon

  198. Cheryl P says

    I LOVE Wild Water Canyon…have since the park first opened but have not been in years!

  199. Chrissy Mackay says

    I am looking forward to splash works!

  200. We will be hosting an exchange student this summer who we'd love to take to Wonderland.

  201. I am looking forward to Splash Works.

  202. havent been on leviathan yest sooo I am going to ave to go with the behemoth

  203. Would love to see Starlight Spectacular!

  204. I can't wait to ride the Vortex and the Bat! Classic!

  205. Yes I have been to Wonderland, many times! I live about 2 hrs south of Toronto and when I was a teen a would buy a season pass…this was many, many, many……years ago lol

  206. I would go on the vortex. I have never been to Canada’s wonderland, i live in Montreal. But maybe next year when Im do e with school

  207. natasha severson says


  208. I have gone before many years ago though! Used to get a season pass when I was in highschool and go all the time with my friends!

  209. Vannessa Williams says

    Last year I visited Canadas Wonderland, however the ride that I am looking forward to the most this year is none because I hate rides! LOL looking forward to funnel cake and spending time with family though!

  210. I can't wait to try out Leviathan!

  211. Emily Elizabeth says


  212. onlinemarketingtrends says

    Do they have activities for toddlers?

  213. When it comes to Wonderland, the thing i look forward to much would probably be the bonding time. There isn't to much my family can do with our vastly different schedules and some of us living over seas. In the summer we try and get together to take a trip to wonderland, even when money is tight. I'm most looking forward to trying the Leviathan but Top Gun ( Now Flight Deck) will always be my favourite because for a brief moment my imagination can sore into the sky and I get to be an F-16 fighter pilot for just a little while. I love the show in Pirate Bay with the trampolines to and can't forget the funnel cake.

  214. Can’t wait to take my 3 kids 7,2,1 🙂

  215. I haven’t been in years would so love to go!!

  216. Stephanie says

    My son would love dinosaurs alive!

  217. Kristi Renout says

    My sons would be thrilled to see dinosaurs alive!

  218. I would love to go on the thunder run.

  219. We've been there a few times but have never been to the water park – I think I'd head there first!

  220. sylvia mollison says

    We visited last summer when my niece came to visit from B.C. We took the whole family and had a blast! My kids just went yesterday for a patrol trip and had a great time…talk of when we are going back!

  221. Oooh we'd love to win these!

  222. Judy grieve says

    Haven't been for years….hope to give it another try!

  223. our family loves going .. half for the rides and the other half for the waterpark …

  224. Heidi Finoro says

    i like the old minebuster 🙂

  225. I would love to take my kids. I think they would love it there 🙂

  226. I would have to take my grandaughter to scooby doo haunted house

  227. lfitzpal says

    Cant wait to take my kids to Planet Snoopy!

  228. kelly chartrand says

    I'd like to try the leviathan

  229. kelly chartrand says

    I have been to Wonderland several times since it opened both as a child and now with my children
    it's a 6 hour drive but well worth it.

  230. have never been on Leviathan yet,so I am positive that would be the first line I was in 🙂

  231. Stacy Scott says

    My Sons would Love to Visit the Dinosaurs alive =)

  232. Joce Lyne says

    last time i went was in 2003 before we had kids!!

  233. Val Bostock says

    I don't know if I'll be brave enough to try Leviathan…it looks so freaky! My favourite is Flight Deck (used to be Top Gun). I could ride that all day and not be tired of it!

  234. The Fly

  235. I am most excited to ride the Riptide!

  236. I did visit Canada's Wonderland about 15-16 years ago. Oh lord, I feel old just thinking about it. I need to win so I can be young at heart again LOL!

  237. Susan Earle says

    I just want to go and sit in the lazy river all day floating on a tube. So much fun.

  238. Would love to watch DD's face exploring the dinosaurs! She is so excited to see them!
    My recent post The Summer of My Discontent

  239. Caryn Coates says

    Would love to try the Leviathan. Havent been there in a very long time. Thanks for the chance

  240. Aimee Geroux says

    Definitely looking forward to riding Leviathan with my 11 year old and possibly my 8 year old if she is tall enough this year!

  241. Aimee Geroux says

    We visited last year for the first time since my 11 year old was a toddler and we had a blast!

  242. samantha b says

    My kids would love the Dinosaur exhibit. That would be the first stop on our visit!

  243. I would love to take my kids to the Dino Alive feature. My son was able to get on the Thunder Run last year and LOVED it.. so I suppose that would be the ride he'd look forward to!

  244. My son would love Dinosaurs Alive.. with these hot days Splash Works is where I would hang out!

  245. Oh my gosh, too many great things to choose from! I love roller coasters but all the 'kid' stuff looks amazing as well and my son would love that and the dinosaurs!! So cool.

  246. I want to ride the leviathan ; ) and the classic dragon fire …..

  247. Actually – I have not been to Canada's Wonderland in years – since my kids were born – now they are 5 & 8 and I would love to take them to see it all…. but I cannot afford it as my husband has been off of work since Jan due to major surgery…. so alas – no trip for us – fingers crossed we can win….

  248. Kids are finally tall enough to go on all of the rides, but my favourites are still the old stand-bys like the Mighty Canadian Minebuster!

  249. Behemoth! We love it!

  250. I would love to try the Leviathan 🙂

  251. I have visited Canada's Wonderland the last time was in 2000 and I dont plan to visit it this year as I have 3 daughters (6, 4 and 1) I will wait for the younger to be a little agiest 🙂

  252. I would say liviathan
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  253. Christina says

    dinosaurs alive, raceway, everything looks exciting!

  254. I just wanna win this so I can donate it to a local restaurant who is doing a fundraiser for sick kids and doing giveaways,

  255. Valerie risk says

    Not sure if I have ever been there, would love to check it out and do some shopping while I am there and enjoy time with some friends/family.

  256. Dinosaur Alive for the kids!!!

  257. I would love to go on the Leviathan! It looks awesome!

  258. Adina H. says

    I enjoy riding the Swing of the Century.

  259. Adina H. says

    I've been to Canada's Wonderland a few times, but not since about about ten years ago.

  260. sarah sar says

    I'm dying to see Dinosaurs Alive. My kids would be so thrilled!

  261. sarah sar says

    No I have never been to Canada's Wonderland before 🙁

  262. would love to go!

  263. I would love to see Dinosaurs Alive.

  264. Kim DeCoste says

    The British Invasion show looks AMAZING!!

  265. Kim DeCoste says

    I used to go multiple times a year when I was a teen…haven't been back since and I have 2 teens now that are DYING to go!!

  266. Kim Mellick says

    Can't wait for the Thunder Run. Every year since I was probably 5 years old we went to Wonderland and that was always the first ride we went on and I would love to start that with my 4 boys

  267. Leviathan

  268. Haven't been in a couple of years…..used to buy season's passes for us and the kids every other year

  269. Alison turner says

    I haven’t been there in over 10 years and as a single parent can’t afford to go

  270. Kris Kipp says

    The waterpark! My kids can't get enough

  271. My daughter loves the Behomoth……likes it even more than the Leviathan….myself I prefer the tamer rides like White Water Canyon….a ride adn cool down at the same time 🙂

  272. diane king says

    love to go–never went

  273. wanda macsween says

    I have never been there but would love to check it all out.

  274. Dinosaurs Alive all the wayyyyyy!!!

  275. I'e been lots when I was younger, prob 1989, 1990, sometime around there

  276. Candice McLeod says

    finally someone who does a give away for families of more than 4! Love this!!

  277. Leigh-Ann Murphy says

    Having lost a lot of weight this year I'm looking forward to being able to go on any ride!!!! It's been too long!!

  278. Leigh-Ann Murphy says

    I haven't been to wonderland in 20years. Due to weight issues that I have resolved I can now comfortably go =)

  279. Cirque Ambiente

  280. I haven't been yet but would like to go in the near future

  281. Kids would love the Leviathan fr sure

  282. timberwolf falls

  283. Victoria Ess says

    Yes, I usually go once a summer

  284. Bri Petersen says

    Leviathan for sure!!!

  285. Haven't been to wonderland in years would love to go check it out again

  286. Oh I would so love to win these tickets

  287. Zeta McMillan says

    wow I haven't been there in ages. Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. Love Leviathan, First ride I would go on 😉

  289. Zeta McMillan says

    I haven't been tob Canadas Wonderland in about 8 years…guess alot has changed there 🙂

  290. Judy grieve says

    Wanna give it another try. Haven't been in a few years!

  291. Funny enough my eldest son (whose BDay is July 1st) and I were just talking about our last time all together at Canadas Wonderland, long time. In fact they had just built The Leviathan. This would be great to win for all of us along with my kids kids too, which just happens to equal 6. Hope we win!

  292. Rides make me sick 🙁 so I love to go to starbuck's have a coffee and watch the divers on the Pirate Ship!

  293. stephy905 says

    I look forward to the WindSeeker

  294. stephy905 says

    I visited Canada's Wonderland when I was very young but would love to go this summer as an adult.

  295. Omg. I would want to go see Dinosaurs Alive with my lil guy and man!

  296. I'm excited to see the shows such as the Cirque Ambiente and the British Invasion.

  297. Haven't been yet and would love to go.

  298. Our family loves Splash Works.
    My recent post The Go Go Thomas Tour 2013 #DayOutWithThomas {#giveaway}

  299. I really wan't to go for the food

  300. Dinosaurs alive!

  301. lisa mc pherson says

    Would live to visit been 15 Yrs….lived the dragonflyer

  302. Leah Smith says

    Would love to go with my three boys for the day……

  303. I'm not a rides person myself due to health reasons, but I really want to take our 5 yr old daughter to Wonderland! She loves rides, and I think she would really enjoy the Joe Cool's Dodgem School.

  304. Behemeth would be a good one to try

  305. Mrs. Braun says

    I think the kids would have the most fun doing the dinosaur thing.

  306. Mrs. Braun says

    Haven’t been to Wonderland in… probably close to 15 years. it just got too expensive.

  307. Amie Larocque says

    Canada's Wondeland ~ it's been too long since you and I have seen each other <3

  308. Amie Larocque says

    … and I would LOVE to see Dinosaurs Alive (the amazing display I mean – NOT actual live dinosaurs 😉 )

  309. Cheryl P says

    I'd love to say I'd do the Leviathan….but not in a million years! lol I like the "less heart attack" rides, white water canyon, nightmares that kinda thing…

  310. Amie Larocque says

    It has been a long time since visiting Canada's Wonderland for me. I am sure I'll be back some day so my son can experience the awesomeness of it all 🙂

  311. Jessica Reurich says

    Oh you know its Leviathin

  312. Celena Clause says

    I have never been to Canada's Wonderland. No real reason why, maybe I just don't know what I'm missing out on!

  313. diane welburn says

    speed city raceway

  314. diane welburn says

    I haven't been to Canada's wonderland since I was a kid. I would love to take my kids. When I was a kid we use to go every summer since I have family living in Toronto. My kids are old enough now to really enjoy it!

  315. Would love to win tickets for me and my kids they just love it there but it has been yrs since we went.

  316. patti lovecky says

    My nephews are crazy about dinosaurs…so definitely 'Dinosaurs alive"

  317. Lisa Marie Anctil says

    I would love to try the Dragon Fire although I am sure I would puke on it! lol!

  318. jane kramer says

    I would like to try the dragon fire

  319. Wanda Lee says

    I would be excited about every ride because believe it or not I have lived in Toronto my whole life and have never been to Canada's Wonderland

  320. Chantelle Alvey says

    Dinosaurs alive

  321. Erin Brayshaw says

    Haven't been in a few years! I think my family would love to go. My son would love the dinosaurs!

  322. The water park is always my favourite part of Canada’s Wonderland!

  323. Took the kids for the first time last year and they loved it!
    Ghoster Coaster was a high light for sure!

  324. Dinosaurs Alive Attraction looks great!

  325. Debbie G says

    I want to try Leviathan!

  326. No, but my adult kids still love it and could get a group together happily!

  327. I used to take my girls to Wonderland every summer when they were young. I took my grandchildren in 2004, but I haven't been back since then.

  328. Definitely Leviathan!!!

  329. I have visited many times…but my 3 yo daughter, never!
    My recent post Dear Ava

  330. Starlight Spectacular

  331. Kelly Bouma says

    Boys love Leviathon – makes me dizzy just looking at it

  332. Holly Messana says

    We have never been, last weekend was going to be our first visit until my son broke his leg!

  333. I am looking forward to the Leviathan. I haven't been to Canada's Wonderland in a long time.

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