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summer reading

Summer seems like a long time. 2 months for a child is a very long time. Yet they get bored really quick. A few days into the summer holiday and I know my kids will be telling me they want to go somewhere, do something. My answers are simple I tell them to play outside, read a book. Usually it works, even for just a bit.

Books last a long time in our home. Having older children and younger ones, we keep the same book around for years. It is always fun to read the stories over and over to the kids. Especially my faves. My children have a great love for books. They enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful imagination. 

Here are some of the books on our summer reading list courtesy of Scholastic Canada


Zoe’s Room (No Sisters Allowed)

Ages 3-5 Hardcover

Zoe rules as Queen of the Universe — or at least, her room! — in this sweet, funny companion to Zoe Gets Ready.

Zoe is the Queen of the whole Universe . . . but her favourite place in the Universe is her own room, where she hosts tea parties, builds empires out of blocks, and gazes out upon the stars. Then her parents announce that her little sister Addie is moving in to Zoe’s room. Little sisters aren’t good at tea parties (too rude), block-building (too clumsy), and starwatching (just plain too young!). So the Queen’s new roommate is a royal pain . . . until Zoe discovers that even her smallest subjects can be useful in a storm!

My daughter thinks this book is great. The sparkly cover atracted her to it but the story made her want more. Very cute 

King Pig

Ages 3- 6 hardcover

What’s a king to do?

King Pig is grand ruler of the sheep. He can make the sheep do anything he pleases…whenever he wants… but can he make them like him?

Nick Bland’s playful, wonderfully humorous illustrations will leave kids and parents grinning, even as they share an important lesson about treating others the way they would like to be treated.

The idea is to keep the kids engaged. Once the children have the love for books, the adventure is endless. 

Night Light 

Ages 3-5 Hardcover

Part guessing game, part counting book — full of die-cut surprises!

1 light, shining bright? A train! 7 lights, flashing red and white? A fire truck! 

And so on all the way to ten lights. Part guessing game, part counting book, Night Light is a boldly imagined book for the preschool child who loves cars, trucks, and anything that goes. With die-cuts on every other page, this rhyming story features vehicles and counting, combining a high interest preschool subject with important preschool concepts.

The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf 

Ages 3-55 Hardcover

Three little pigs, a somewhat bad wolf, sody-pop, chips, hay, mortar, bricks, and some huffing and puffing! 

Award-winning author and illustrator Mark Teague tells his humourous version of “The Three Little Pigs” with a zany twist!

Three pigs spend their money on different things: potato chips, sody-pop, and building supplies. It comes as no surprise that a wolf is able to blow down the first two pigs’ houses. When the wolf can’t blow down the third pig’s brick house, everyone comes together and the fun begins. The first two pigs give him potato chips and sody-pop, and the third pig makes everyone a healthy meal. Since only one pig has a house left, the other two pigs and the wolf move in with her. The somewhat bad wolf is no longer hungry.

Always fun to read a twist on a classic read 🙂 

For my great reads this summer no matter what your child’s age, check out Scholastic Canada. There is something there for everyone. You do not need to wait for school to start to order either . 


  1. Heidi C. says

    Such cute reads! I am definitely a fan of reading during summer break – as important as play :)!

  2. binabugged says

    we were big on scholastic when the kids were young (they don't have it for grades 11 and up in our school) They offered books for as low as 99cents so my kids always got at least one. Over the years the pile got bigger and when my baby sis had a child, we sent all the books to her except a few. (and my youngest is 17 and my neice is only 6!! so they lasted a long long time)

  3. thanks 😀 I need some new books for the kids to read. Although realistically they probably don't need anymore at home. Goodness I am a library lol
    My recent post Tow Truck Strikes Down Children, Three Dead.

  4. thanks for the reviews a huge fan of summer reading..i sign my kids up to the local library every summer for theyre summer reading program

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