Take the Pine-Sol Challenge

A couple of weeks ago my family all got sick within days of each other. It was some sort of 24 hour flu but it came on hard and made us all feel horrible. It started with our oldest son, then our youngest daughter. After a couple of sick free days, the rest of us got it. The bathrooms and bedrooms were filled with germs and none of us could do anything about it. we were all down for the count. 

The first thing I did the day after being sick was clean. I was not 100% and knew I would regret it but it had to be done. I was also going away for three days so it was now of never. I had recently been sent a bucket, gloves and some other goodies for cleaning, including Pine-Sol Lavender Clean. It smelled great and this was the perfect time as any to use it. 

I wanted to clean the wall, floors and everything in the bathroom. I was also looking to clean the kitchen and halls. I needed something I could use on all surfaces to save time. I read the bottle and saw this was perfect for all surfaces. The entire clean time was about an hour and a half. The house smelled wonderful and very clean. I was exhausted. But knowing the house was clean and germ free made me feel good. The following day I was off and knew the family was germ free after them all being sick days ahead. 



Soothe your senses with the calming scent of lavender, while filling your home with the sparkling clean only Pine-Sol®delivers. Lavender Clean® gives a comforting scent to the surfaces of your home, without messy residue or anything extra.

This powerful surface cleaner is also a deodorizer and degreaser. Lavender Clean® brings a peaceful, gentle scent to all of the rooms in your home without sacrificing the effective cleaning power you and your family expect from Pine-Sol.

Giveaway time!!!

Since it is such a great feeling to have a clean home and be able to use one product for many rooms and surfaces I have a giveaway for my Canadian readers. 1 lucky Canuck is going to win 2 bottles of Pine-Sol, 1 double sided sponge and 1 multi-purpose cleaning cloth. ($15 value.) Enter the form below for your chance to win. Good luck!


  1. Sabrina T says

    I need to clean my kitchen floors on a regular basis 75% of my ground level is linoleum and needs a good mopping on a regular basis

  2. ugh – our windows are overdue

  3. Ceiling fans!

  4. I'm overdue to pull out the fridge and stove and give those areas of the floor a real good scrubbing.

  5. Everything! But floors first.

  6. Carrie Butler says

    I thing the question is what I 'don't' need to clean! LOL My bathrooms for sure!

  7. Dianne Melnick says

    the bathroom 😉

  8. basically everything in the kitchen needs a clean especially the floor but I can always find an excuse not to do it

  9. I need to clean my basement floor.

  10. I need to clean windows – off with the winter sludge!

  11. sylvia mollison says

    Well my whole entire house needs an overhaul – but I would say the bathrooms are the most urgent and repeat offenders!

  12. what I dont need to clean is a better question..hahaha..I need to clean my floors,oven,bathroom,etc!!!

  13. the bathroom

  14. The bathroom walls need a good scrubbing

  15. The kitchen ceiling is in need of a good cleaning

  16. Kim Henrichs says

    My laundry room and entry way to the garage!

  17. The dining room floor under the high chair.

  18. Jennifer L. says

    My kitchen floor and cupboards need a really good cleaning.

  19. Julie G. says

    I need to clean the back entry. It always seems to get dirty the fastest.

  20. Stephanie Phelps says

    I need to clean the top of my fridge and baseboards

  21. Kitchen Floor!

  22. My walls need to be cleaned……..badly!

  23. I am going to try when I am on the next big cleaning day

  24. candess phillips says

    my fridge!

  25. Sydney D says

    Bathroom and ktichen floors.

  26. Chandra C O'Connor says

    my washroom sinks need a good scrubbing

  27. Beth Gallinger says

    The bathroom floor needs to be cleaned.

  28. Heidi C. says

    The bathroom shower needs a good scrub :(.

  29. I have to say the bathroom needs a good cleaning.

  30. The bathroom definitely needs it, especially the tub!
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  31. Doreen Lamoureux says

    everything but let me say I will start in the basemant. Then we can relax in the nice cool basement when it gets too hot.

  32. I need pine sol. My favorite for sooo long ! My floors are super clean with it

  33. i need to clean the window frames

  34. Dayna Wilson says

    I need to scrub my walls.

  35. My bathroom seems to always need cleaning.

  36. Kitchen ^& bathroom, then the whole house.

  37. bathroom and under the kitchen sink.
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  38. Bathroom, I have boys :s

  39. andrea amy says

    My house lol (i have 5 kids, it always needs cleaning!)

  40. I definitely need to clean my walls and baseboards.

  41. Rebecca Moeller says

    I need to clean my boys' bathroom!

  42. Leanne M says

    my bathroom

  43. Doris Calvert says

    My next and last job windows and blinds, only jobs I hate

  44. Judy Cowan says

    the floors!

  45. Victoria Ess says

    My kitchen needs a good thorough clean.

  46. I need to clean just about everything, but the floors are really overdue!

  47. angela m says

    I need to clean my oven and fridge

  48. Anu Chopra says

    I need to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors!

  49. deana dietrich says

    3 kids, a dog n a Husband…….everything!

  50. Definitely the bathrooms. With 3 boys (2 sons and a husband) they are always in need of cleaning!
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  51. cassandra mccann says

    my bathroom

  52. I need to clean my bathroom floor.

  53. I need to clean my fans and windows.

  54. Shaunda Eppes says

    I need to clean my kids' bathroom.

  55. The bathroom.

  56. silverneon2000 says

    I need to clean a lot but I will start off with the bathroom. 🙂


    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  57. marlene smith says

    i use pine sol to clean my walls and ceilings and every other places that need it

  58. Laird N Crystal E says

    I really need to clean my ceiling fans!

  59. Venetian blinds!

  60. Karin Dollery says

    The Bathroom and my floors 🙂

  61. lori butler says

    the kids bathrom

  62. Undomesticgirl says

    My cabinets

  63. Kitchen Floors and Bathroom

  64. Tammy Dalley says

    My refrigerator!

  65. The basement
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  66. Our kitchen floor!

  67. My floors!! Seems like an everyday chore.

  68. with 3 dogs and 7 kids the bathroom and all the floors in my house need to be cleaned daily

  69. I love the smell of clean which is pinesol

  70. Dallas Daigle says

    I Need to Spring Clean Everything!!!

  71. The bathroom, always the bathroom lol no one likes to do it 🙂
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  72. At the moment, I should be cleaning my bathroom… but I am playing online instead, lol.

  73. Everything, I'm in the process of an entire house scrub down.
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  74. Yan Deng says

    mainly the bathroom sink

  75. neil williamson says

    i use to get rid of ring around the collar and some stains on work clothes

  76. Nora Edmiston-Harlos says

    I need to clean the walls around my Parrot's cage. I have to do it everyday

  77. Donna L. says

    kitchen floor

  78. Stephanie Larison says

    My kitchen floor. I'm pretty sure my daughter spilled something earlier and said nothing about it to me. *sigh*

  79. My bathroom is a high traffic area and needs a good clean.

  80. Angela Mitchell says

    Under my kitchen sink and garbage pail and recycling bin.

  81. Lori Bazan says

    I so need to clean the basement washroom!

  82. Sarah Stickney says

    the bathroom

  83. venessa b says

    The bathroom would be great

  84. Everything
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  85. Holly Messana says

    I need to clean my bathroom floors

  86. tammy ta says

    My whole house needs to be cleaned… especially the walls and behind furnature.

  87. SueSueper says

    I need to clean the stairway. Simple yes, but neglected. 🙂

  88. Bathroom walls and windows

  89. My bathroom floor needs cleaning 🙂

  90. MOnique Rizzo says

    My bathroom and laundry room
    Thanks for the chance.

  91. I need to clean the floor in our storage!

  92. jennifer says

    kitchen floor

  93. julie_bolduc says

    my bathroom walls

  94. 3angels3 says

    My bathroom walls and floors!

  95. Florence Cochrane says

    The bathrooms for a start and than the kitchen.

  96. I need to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors.

  97. Karry Knisley says

    Bathroom…always the bathroom

  98. natasha severson says

    my walls and my floors!

  99. natasha kerr says

    Mmmm the smell of Pine Sol ALWAYS means a clean house 🙂 LOVE using it to clean my floors, counters, bathroom 🙂

  100. The bathroom

  101. Jo Ann Moffatt says

    I need to clean my main bathroom. I had a complete knee replacement on April 30 and have been recovering from that. I am doing much better now but have not been able to bend or kneel in order to clean. Now that I can bend it would sure be nice to have some free Pine Sol to help me out!

  102. The kitchen, always the kitchen!
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  103. Valerie Theberge says

    My kitchen floor!

  104. Chandra C O'Connor says

    i need to clean my shower walls

  105. Christine says

    My bathrooms

  106. I need to clean my kitchen. The cabinets, the fridge, everything.

  107. I really need to clean my ceiling fan, and my Bathroom big time, I have two teenage girls and only one bathroom, thank you:)
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  108. alexanernberg says

    The bathrooms in our home could use a good clean. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  109. choateorama says

    I need to clean my kitchen!

  110. julie_bolduc says


  111. I love the smell of a freshly cleaned house. Pine sol makes my house smell wonderful. Since we have to clean we might as well make sure other people notice.

  112. kitchen and bathrooms

  113. Laurie Cockburn says


  114. kitchen floors and bathroom

  115. Archduke Ferdinand says

    Clean a shower stall

  116. Belinda McNabb says

    I need to clean my bathroom walls

  117. I need to clean my truck from dust and grease

  118. Brenda Penton says

    I need to clean the bathroom walls

  119. Christy Martin says

    What is not a usual event and needs to be done is the baseboards. While down there, spot clean the walls where needed. The things I don't notice on a daily basis.

  120. everything lol

  121. Archduke Ferdinand says

    Shower stall.

  122. my windows are way overdue!

  123. diane king says

    clean floors and windows

  124. the basement and i need to mop the floor too

  125. I love pinesol it’s all I use..

  126. Denise S says

    I need to clean my bathrooms.

  127. Dayle B. says

    Used Pinesol before and are very pleased with the results.
    Need to clean the bathroom floors. Love the scent of lavender.
    Great the one can use Pinesol on the walls.

  128. I need to clean the patio, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage… haha

  129. Viv Sluys says

    I need to clean my oven and under my kitchen sink and in my laundry room

  130. sarah sar says

    I will clean my bathroom and kitchen!

  131. mommakoala says

    The trailer needs a good cleaning.

  132. I need to clean the basement … especially since my teenage sons had a few friends over. 🙂 Love the fresh clean smell of Pine Sol.

  133. edmontonjb says

    I need to clean behind my fridge and behind my desk and behind pretty much everything. I've been taking an attitide of "if I can't see it, it must not be dirty" lately.

  134. I need to clean my living roon hardwood floors!

  135. darlene carbajal says

    every floor in the house. 🙂

  136. kitchen floors

  137. Archduke Ferdinand says

    Shower Stall

  138. Amy Orvin says

    My bathroom

  139. I need to clean my boys bathroom

  140. Mihaela D. says

    I need to clean my bathroom floor

  141. todd hochman says

    floors and fans

  142. Michelle Tucker says

    My bathroom could use a good cleaning.

  143. Archduke Ferdinand says

    Cleaning a shower stall!

  144. Michelle W says

    I need to clean my kitchen floor

  145. Karrie Millheim says

    I need to do my kitchen floors

  146. Bathroom

  147. Oh man….I need to scrub my floors. I am so lazy.

  148. Samii Meyer says

    I need to clean the whole place! I have been sick lately so i have been sluffing on cleaning

  149. @CathyInCanada says

    My bathroom needs some PineSol love.
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  150. The Bathrooms and Kitchen

  151. Andrea Henry says

    bathroom and basement

  152. kyl neusch says

    the bathroom

  153. I just love the Scent of Pinesol Lavander, it leaves my house so fresh and clean smelling!

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