Teens, Tweens and the Cell Phone #familybysygic

group of mixed teens on phone

I have been an advocate for kids and cell phones for quite some time. We are in the new millennium people. This is the time we live in. Having teens and tweens I often get parents looking at me odd when I say my kids can have a phone as soon as they want one. Yes, that means I would give my 8 year old a cell phone. I think there is nothing wrong with it. 

Safety has always been a  priority in our house. Having a cell phone means my children can access help when and if needed. Gone are the days of taking a quarter to call home. Payphones, those dirty disgusting phone booths we all grew up with, are pretty much extinct. If you are lucky enough to find one they are no longer 25 cents either. they are 50 cents and usually broken. Once my children started venturing out on their own I knew they needed a phone of their own.

We have rules. 

We have restrictions. 

I will NOT put my teens and tweens on a plan. 

Pay as you go is so cheap and gives the kids everything they need as far as a phone. For $15 a month my son can text as much as he wants. Use the Wifi (no data or they will never be off of it) and a small balance for emergency calls to others. Most kids just want to text anyway. This works great for us and great for him. No data means no surprise charges. 

Having a phone means if he is running late he can call.

No excuses. I like my kids having phones. This is getting more and common and we need to learn about technology and embrace it. There are options for all parents and kids when it comes to phone plans. So you can make it work for you and them .


Now I have three teens. It is impossible to keep up with them. They all have their own friends. Own lives and own interests. Quite often they are in very different locations. this is one reason I am grateful for the app Family by Sygic  You add your family and set boundaries and be alerted when they leave their safe areas. You can instantly see where your kids are as they can also see where you are on the map (you can change your settings to private) No worries about calling, texting or waiting for them to check in. Just look at the map and see where they are. 

The application is available as a free download on App Store and Google Play so parents can try it out. The app will always remain free for one parent + one child.

The Family by Sygic App is a PTPA seal award winner. I urge you to get it for yourself and your child. Check it out and experience the feeling of not worrying. The security of being able to see where your child is at the press of a button. 

ptpa winner

Disclosure- I am a Family by Sygic ambassador with PTPA I received compensation and perks for my involvement with the program 

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