Things to do in Montreal

Summer is finally here and the kids are out of school. Or almost out of school, we are in our last week. So what do you have planned for the summer? Work as usual? A family vacation maybe? Some day tripping perhaps? We live in a spectacular country with so many landscapes and so many great people. each province is unique and has so much to offer. I personally have had the opportunity to visit many great provinces and cities across our country. However there are still quite a few on my must see list. Montreal Quebec is one of them. I have asked around about things to do in Montreal and these places/attractions seem to be on most lists. 


Find a great hotel. With so much history many of the hotels are an attraction in themselves. Old buildings full of life and a story are a great destination. Somewhere like Le Place d’Armes Hotel is a great choice for visitors wanting to stay in Old Montreal and feel a little more exclusive. The 19th Century building itself is sophisticated with old charm and modern luxury. 

While visiting anywhere you want to eat. Not only do you need to eat but you want to eat local. You want to taste the culture and have something you normally would not. So being in Montreal I would really want to try some authentic Poutine. The variety of restaurants in Montreal are really unique. They range in price and theme so there is something for everybody. 

During the day, attractions like Six Flags is great for family fun. Then at night you can enjoy the nightlife of Montreal. Montreal is the place for musicians, fashionistas and young at heart. Nightclubs, concert halls and music festivals make this possible. Even the kids can enjoy a concert in a park. 

I am super excited to do all there is to do and enjoy the people, sights and attractions. Where do you recommend we visit? 


  1. Like your picture.

  2. Great post! I actually LOVE Montreal… So much culture, so much stuff to do, I just love it haha

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