Update on our rescued Macaw

Blu outside


It has been a while since I posted about Blu, the Macaw we rescued almost 2 years ago. I have been tweeting pictures of him and sharing on Facebook. Since so many did not know we had a Macaw, or had questions, I figured I would do up a post 🙂 Blu is a Blue and Gold Macaw. 

When we got Blu, he was being kept in a shed with very little light. No attention and very stressed. the people we got him from wanted him for breeding, nothing else. His feathers had been plucked and he was missing most of one foot.  We are not sure of his age, think he is about 12-14 years old. He will live a long life. Most likely longer than me. Our 13 year old is very fond of him and when he is an adult, he will live with him. He is very much, his bird. 

His feathers have filled in and most are back. there are a few bald spots, but that is expected from the amount he plucked. He was stressed and had no attention. He had no toys and to entertain himself, he plucked. He is very smart. He knows lots of words, mimics voices and recognizes people. He loves my son and husband. He allows them to pet him and feed him by hand. We have tried to hold him, but he is still nervous and gets scared quickly. But being able to pet him and feed him is a big accomplishment. He can say names and mini sentences. He squawks really loud when he sees my son and can not hear him. Usually when he is outside playing. So we decided to bring him out on the deck during  a nice afternoon.  All new things make him nervous, but after a few minutes he was happy and showing off. 

He has his cage placed in our living room so he can see us at all times. When we are not home, he can see the dogs walking around. we open his cage and let him walk around and sit on top. we also leave the TV on for him when we are not home. Just like a child, he needs a bed time. So his lighted area is off at 9pm and we cover his cage with a sheet. He eats a variety of nuts, seeds and fruit. He loves noodles, cheese and bread as well. 

Blu does not like me, but that is ok. He tries to grab me when I walk by or bite at me. He has never bitten me but we can see he is trying. Not sure if he has an issue with me or someone who looks like me. He gets upset if I hug my husband or son near him as well. So I just give him his space. Not knowing his entire history, we will never know why. I have tried to friend him, but it is not working lol So I just buy his food and clean his cage. 

We will have lots more going on with him this summer. I will try to keep you all posted 


  1. Wow what a beautiful bird. Good luck with him!

  2. With the not liking you thing, it is probably just because of how he is.
    He has probably bonded with males in the past, as in his first owner was probably a male, and that has just followed him to your hubby and son. Unfortunate for you, but great for your son since he is the one who will be caring for him in the future 🙂
    Beautiful bird!

  3. nenasinclair says

    Aww, what a beautiful bird! I'm so glad your family took him in and saved him from the horrible life he used to live!

  4. Glad this bird has a nice loving home and your son is so lucky to have a pet for life.

  5. Dawn Rader says

    what a beautiful bird. he is very lucky to have found a family like yours to take him in. All of my animals are rescues and they tend to be so loyal.

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