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I thought everyone who had a business had business cards. 

I assumed that anyone representing a business, would have business cards. 

I was wrong. Recently I was at a conference and discovered some people have let this important business practice slide. I walked up to a potential client and handed them my card while introducing myself.  He shook my hand and said he did not have any cards. He thought people did not use them anymore. I was a bit surprised. I said to him “How are you going to keep in contact with the five hundred plus people you meet here?” He did not have an answer. Obviously most would have a card for him, but he would have none for them. 

By the end of the three day conference I ran into the same guy again. He looked stressed out and told me he had already decided to get some cards ordered. He had everyone’s card, but nobody had his. He mentioned that it did not look good for him to rip a piece of paper and write his info on it. He also mentioned there were still many people without smartphones so they could not add his information right away. He was going to have to send them all an email as soon as possible not to lose contact. Many had no way to contact him. If only he had known about the good deals on Vistprint products. He could have saved a bunch and had very professional looking cards to hand out. 



Even before having a business I had personal cards. Often at the park we would run into other moms and kids and set up a play date. Cards are a great way to exchange info quick.  You can put as little or as much detail on them as you like. 

Designing your cards is easier than you would think too. Usually the price is better than you would expect. I always like to check for Vistaprint coupons to check for free shipping as well as discounts on other promotional items. You can check out Vistaprint Deals for all your Business needs



I personally love collecting business cards. Looking through each design and reading about the people I met. I have a few different ways of organizing them as well. But that should be for another post.

What deals do you look for when you order  your cards?


  1. They're a great place for affordable printing solutions!

  2. Love my business cards from VistaPrint. Easy to create and so professional looking. I will definitely order from them again when I need a refill.

  3. Vistaprint is AWESOME!!! I have used them so many times from pens to cards I wont go anywhere else~!!
    Just watch for email deals the prices change a lot!

  4. I got my business cards from VistaPrint and really loved them. There was a printing issue and half the cards I received were printed wrong. I contacted them about it and within a week I had a brand new set of cards in my hand. That is some really awesome customer service!
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  5. Thanks for the head's up about Vistaprint. I have almost run out of business cards, and the information on the cards is also outdated, especially because I just changed my web address.
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  6. I got mine from Vistaprint! They have great deals

  7. aerynlynnegws says

    VistaPrint has such an easy service for getting business cards right away. Their card quality is fabulous too! I wish I had some just last week, I went to an event where I had assumed I'd only be meeting up with people that I already knew, only to find myself walking into a conference hall with a ton of people and no cards in hand! *facepalm*
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