Family fun on a budget- The Drive in

Last week was my birthday. My husband asked me what I wanted to do? I knew right away. I wanted to take the kids to the drive in. It has been almost 2 years since w e last went. 

Yes , there are still Drive ins out there. Just Google search Drive in and your province/state to see if there is one near you . 

The night was nice and we planned on bringing chairs so we could sit outside. 

Kind of looks like you are going back in time. Nothing fancy but so much fun!

drive in

If you have a young family Drive ins are great places to bring your children. Most the time the price is very reasonable. There are parks and no need to worry about them making noise. People also brought pets and smokers seemed to be happy with limited restrictions. 


This Drive in has two screens, each playing two movies. But on the long weekend they play more. The price is right and you can leave after the first movie if you choose and still get your $$$ worth.

2013 Admission Prices
Adults $9.00 ca/usd
Youth & Seniors $6.00 ca/usd
Children (6-13) $2.00 ca/usd
Under 6 FREE!

There are many food options. The food is good. We had burgers and popcorn and brought some snacks (shh I do not think outside food is allowed) The drinks and popcorn there are a bit pricey but .25 cents for refills. So for a big family like mine, perfect.


It was a great time and I loved every minute of it. The first movie started at 9 PM so DD was asleep when it ended. we watched the second then left. I can not wait to go back

Have you been to a Drive in lately? What did you see?


  1. thiswestcoastmommy says

    We love our local drive in! I'd never been before 3 years ago, but when my first baby was born I didn't want to take her to a regular theatre where she could disrupt the movie for others. I agree, the drive in is a great option for parents with young kids. I also like that you control the volume so the baby can easily nap in the back seat. I always get the fresh onion rings and a box of Junior Caramels whenever we go. Yum!

  2. Doris Calvert says

    I would love to go to the drive in again but we do not have any left, they tore them all down, which is so sad. There was nothing like a dusk to dawn drive in with popcorn, hot dogs, pillows and blankets! I am so jealous! Belated Happy Birthday to you and hope you had fun.

  3. Our local one is called the Starlight (spelled different) as well and it is SOOOO much fun! Cheap too! We take the boys once a year as the drive is over an hour
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  4. We were just at the drive in after it reopened under a new name – I was sad when they first said they were finished and were closed for good! I've been going there since I was a kid and I'm happy to be able to take my girls. We saw Despicable Me 2 and (theatre hopped) to see The Conjuring after the girls were asleep.

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