Goderich History and the Beach

beach rocks

If you live in Ontario, you may know Goderich because of the Tornado that touched down a few summers back. This historic town was hit hard but has rebuilt and is stronger and more beautiful than ever. We often drive up for a few hours to grab an ice cream and let the kids play on the beach.  Located along Lake Huron off of Highway 21 this town is a true gem.

The beach itself is just off the round about that is located downtown. This is actually one of three beaches you can find in Goderich. There is a really rocky section that we love as well as a sandier part.  There are a few parks, washrooms, lots of parking and picnic tables as well as BBQs for public use. There is also a concession stand and a chip truck as well as a museum.  

Last time we went the kids went for a dip. The water was clear and not busy at all. The temperature was just right as well. There is a large boardwalk along the lake just up a slight hill for easy walking. Lots of grassed area as well. 



When the kids were done swimming they collected some stones for my water fountain. There is every size you can imagine.  I like the shiny ones with stripes. 

beach rocks collected


With summer not yet half way through I know we will be heading up there a few more times. Maybe next time we will venture over to the sandy part. Nicer on the feet 🙂

We do not bring our dogs with us, but this is a dog friendly beach. 

Do you have a beach you love visiting? Where is it?


  1. nenasinclair says

    This sounds like a great place to visit! I live in Manitoba, close to Winnipeg and there are so many great beaches and picnic areas to visit. The most popular beach is Grand Beach, which is about 40 northeast of where I live. The beaches are great, there's lots of picnic areas and camping, too. Something for everyone!

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